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LITS OG Boodoo Hot Sauce

March 06, 2019

   LITS stands for “Lost In The Sauce” and is an up-and-coming artisanal hot sauce company out of Toronto. They stress the importance of fresh, natural ingredients as well as the fact that hot sauces should be enjoyed on pretty much everything! The other sauce of theirs we offer here at Chilly Chiles is LITS Burning Mango, and I can tell you it’s also downright amazing! We will also soon have their Lime Chili Sauce which we haven’t sampled yet, but is sure to be just as amazing as the others!

   OG Boodoo is dedicated to a late friend of the guys at LITS, Brandon Boodoo. This delicious, fresh-tasting island-style hot sauce has a lingering heat, touch of sweetness, and savoury flavour. It’s so good that I had actually drunk it out the bottle at one point! Believe me, I don’t do that for just any sauce. It has an addictive element, and I believe this comes from the freshness of the ingredients and how they all blend together so harmoniously.

   The hot pepper blend in this sauce is made up of fresh scotch bonnets, habaneros, and Jamaica hot peppers. This mix makes for fruity, smoky, and citrusy notes all coming together and blending perfectly with all the other ingredients. Carrots and onion add some sweetness and chunkier yet smooth texture one would expect from an island-style hot sauce. Tomatoes add a light acidity and another little touch of sweetness. The lime adds a fresh citrus tang that many of us love. Water ensures the liquid consistency and balance between all the ingredients, while the white vinegar also accomplishes this in addition to bringing in a light pungency. The salt and spices help with making sure it is seasoned to perfection.

   In terms of heat I would give this one a solid 5 out of 10. It’s got a very decent heat for a sauce using these kinds of peppers. This is an easy pick for anyone who loves brands like Marie Sharp’s, Iguana Hot Sauces, or other habanero heat-level sauces. I would even recommend it to those just getting into hot sauces. I say this because it’s always important to go for good quality products, even if they may test our limits. If you love habanero or scotch bonnet hot sauces, or simply any island-style sauce, you absolutely need to give this one a try!

   Add LITS OG Boodoo to enhance all kinds of dishes! It’s incredible on your eggs, salads, chicken, beef, pork, or seafood marinades, rice dishes, stews, sandwiches and curry dishes. Add it to your Bloody Marys or Caesars, shrimp, scallops, burritos, and tempeh or seitan dishes to name a few.  The fresh heat and savoury tang will have you craving more and more!

   Why not come by one of our store locations and give LITS OG Boodoo a try?

As always, Keep it spicy!


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2566 reviews
Great Flavour

Ordered this originally from Heatonist in the states but it quickly became one of my favourites. It has some of the best flavour I've experienced in a hot sauce without being too hot overall, but it offers a nice kick. Used it on everything from pizza, chicken, steak, veggies, rice, fish, and more.

High River Sauces Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce

Quebec sauce

Great tasty sauce to use with seafood skewers like shrimp. Mild heat so you can eat lots of it but still has a little kick to it. Nothing about burning your mouth though.

The sauce of summer

I love this sauce so much. Wonderful taste.

Los Cali

Great all around sauce