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Buffalo Popcorn

Written by Courtney Hudder — July 14, 2014

Hi, I'm Courtney and I'm addicted to hot sauce.




I put that stuff on everything. So, I wanted to share my guilty pleasure snack with the world. hot sauce.


What I love about this recipe is that you can make it as hot as you want and use any type -- for this one I used Satan's Rage.


  • About 6 cups of popcorn (popped)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 3/4 tsp hot sauce
  • 1/2 tbsp honey
  • salt (to taste)


  In a small sauce pan, whisk butter, hot sauce and honey together. Drizzle butter mixture over popcorn and season.


See? That easy.


This recipe yields two servings...just enough for movie night.


 "What honey? No...I'm not crying because of the movie. It's the popcorn I swear!"



El Chupacabra Hot Sauce

Written by Chad McGee — February 07, 2014

Well here we go guys, a true chilliheads sauce…made with some of the hottest peppers in the world. You have Ghosts, Scotch Bonnets, and three scorpions! THREE SCORPIONS!!! Trinidad T pot, Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad Scorpion Moruga ….

I have to admit this sauce scared me, it really did. The ingredients were all fresh and natural which made me happy however the thick chunky consistency did not. The sauce was hard to get out of the bottle, which is probably a good thing, but not when you want to have a full spoon of it  (because well that’s the way I roll).

Smell wise it came off with carrot, salt, garlic, and mustard came forth on the nose…and then the pepper blend that was very natural, citrusy, crisp and smoky all at once…

I threw that spoonful of Hell’s hatred down my throat….it was quite seedy and almost had to be chewed which I both love and hate as it shows how natural it is, but is the most evil thing you can do on a super hot.

The sauce wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I did have to clear my throat and my tongue did feel like I had been sucking a piece of magma. I teared up of course, and the entirety of my mouth in the end caught fire, but I spoke on camera for a good 10 minutes after having the sauce….and in all honesty the heat didn’t subside until the video was over. It is hot, it isn’t as hot as I feared it would be though. It’s flavour to heat ratio is amazing, it’s is probably one of the best heat to flavour ratio sauces I’ve ever had, I’d have to give the sauce a 9.5 for taste and 9 for heat as it isn’t uncomfortable.

The flavour was amazing though, a lot of garlic, the citrus of the scotch bonnet, the smokiness of the ghost and an almost green bell pepper taste which is sweet and hot at the same time, the mustard shown through as well….ALL THESE FLAVORS WHILE BURNING ME LIKE MAGMA!

I can’t say enough about this is a great sauce, get it, I’ve used it in rice, eggs, tacos, burger patties, meatballs, and have put it on fast food burgers…this stuff is great!


Onwards to heat,


El Chupacabra Hot Sauce

Grim Reaper Black Widow Dark Chocolate

Written by Chad McGee — January 23, 2014

OK, so I went into this knowing I enjoyed dark chocolate and was excited, this was my second bar after having the milk chocolate variant so I was expecting something awesome.

First thought, was that it smelt way to floral and perfume like, I had the wife smell it as well and the first thing she came up with was that it smelt of bug spray, the second she said that the scent sent off a thought of Off Bug Spray and it’s all I could smell.

I tasted it and at first it came off with a taste of perfume mixed with dark chocolate and a slight warming, after my wife talked to me all I tasted was Off….HOWEVER, after the package was left to breathe for an hour or so the perfume/bug spray scent had gone away and a nice dark chocolate and smoky scent was able to be picked up.

Eating this at work that whole night after it breathed the flavour was so much better than it was on first attempt. The dark chocolate was delectable, it melted in your mouth and went down nicely, a tiny touch of heat and a touch of lemon zest.

So many ideas came to mind for this dark chocolate….and this one was the one at work that more people enjoyed as the strength of the chocolate over rode some of the heat of the ghost pepper…..

The final verdict was I loved this chocolate as well *though in my review on the first try I didn’t like it as much* I would suggest letting the package air out though to take away some of that bug spray esque scent and taste and to give you the chocolate in it’s amazing glory.

Onwards to heat,



Grim Reaper Black Widow Dark Chocolate

Grim Reaper Hell Raiser Milk Chocolate

Written by Chad McGee — January 14, 2014

Well here we go Ghost pepper gourmet chocolate how can one go wrong right? 

An amazing list of ingredients including orange and clove oils! Again who can go wrong right?

This chocolate sounded amazing, you open the package and are assailed by scents! Orange, clove and cinnamon all attack your nose, it actually is somewhat reminiscent of a Terry’s chocolate orange to put it into a perspective most might know.

This is great chocolate made so well that the stuff just melts in your mouth, it’s also so very flavourful. The orange, clove and cinnamon are all very apparent and a nice smokiness comes forth. I found it to have a very nice warming but nothing extremely hot, but then again I’m a numbskull when it comes to hot food.

I thought I’d test out my thought that anyone could handle it so I brought a piece up to the wife…she tried it….and made the most awkward face I’ve ever seen as she yelled at me to “take it take it” and went straight for a drink, on my way back to the basement to consider my thoughts I was followed by hollers of “my mouth is burning my mouth is burning, my teeth are falling out” So apparently my thought that we could all handle it was wrong…but it was a great response none the less.

This chocolate is supple, delectable and tasty…it could be used in cooking, heck it could be melted into an amazing chocolate martini…the stuff is so versatile and so good that I can’t do anything but scream it’s praise.


Onwards in heat,



Grim Reaper Hell Raiser Milk Chocolate

Blair’s Heat Wasabi Green Tea Sauce

Written by Chad McGee — December 20, 2013

  • Well, doesn’t that title sound interesting? It was interesting to me that is for sure. The kicker for me was actual Wasabi Rhizomes being used in the product. That is a fact some people might overlook but for me who has never had real wasabi I was super stoked.

    ”What do you mean you’ve never had real wasabi Mr. Rhino?” You may ask and I will answer, most of the wasabi we ingest be it at a sushi restaurant or on wasabi peas is just horseradish and or mustard that is died green, and for that reason this had me super excited. 

    The ingredients list is marvellous, green tea leaves, cilantro, wasabi rhizomes, ginger, lime juice, and a few others including a compound I have never heard of before in my life, even with my chemistry background *google became my friend on this one we learnt it was a processor in processed meat like hotdogs to increase the rate in which nitrate reduces to nitric oxide thus retaining it’s pink colour (which means it’s an anti oxidant)*

    Scent, wasabi, garlic, salt, zesty jalapeno. The cilantro and lime juice mixed together well to make a very Thai like scent, which again excited me as Thai and even Americanized Thai is my favourite of Asian cuisines. Oh don’t forget the fart like smell that came from the loose leaf green tea.

    This sauce was chunky yet creamy, buttery even. However there was no heat at all, just a touch coming forth at the back of the throat. A great flavour, garlic, salt, lime juice, zesty jalapeno, ginger…it was an amazing base for a Asian Fusion guacamole…just think about it almost everything in guacamole was in this sauce!

    Food pairings this could be good for Asian cuisine, ballpark dogs, or for me sautéed rapini with garlic butter. I would not suggest this as a cooking sauce it just had to rich of a flavour with to little heat, I’d see this more as a topper after you’ve cooked.

    All in all great flavour no heat, if your looking for something interesting and different this is your choice, if your looking for a heat to taste ratio that is at all good, this is not it. I’d suggest it for sure though especially for those that want an interesting topper with no heat.

    Onwards to heat,


    Chad – The Albino Rhino

    Blair's Heat Wasabi Green Tea

    You can also check out Chad's video on the product here:

Melinda's Naga Jolokia Ketchup

Written by Chad McGee — December 12, 2013

  • Melinda’s Naga Jolokia Ketchup

    Be it in the beer world or the world of a chilihead you have to be open minded, if you close yourself off from products because of who makes them you lose out on the chance to find some amazing things that can replenish your faith in a company.

    Melinda’s is one of those companies for me, I had tasted several Melinda’s sauces and wasn’t to keen on any of them (now don’t get all up in arms, I know that there are some good sauces in their line up and believe we all have different palettes but what I had from the company left me wanting something more) if I wasn’t open minded I may not have added the Naga Jolokia ketchup to my last Chilly Chiles order due to the maker, I must admit I’m glad I did.

    Going into this I had only had the Heinz Tabasco ketchup myself, and not being a fan of Heinz I only dealt with it for the fun of trying it mixed with a hot sauce, which did make me start mixing my designer ketchups with designer hot sauces…but here we had a hot pepper with a lot of flavour mixed with a ketchup that wasn’t Heinze and I was intrigued.

    I poured a spoonful out and gave it a sniff and cinnamon, garlic, cloves and smokiness assailed my nostrils, yet just like with the ghost pepper it didn’t smell hot, it worried me I must admit. Trying it this is the way my brain went “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DO----Oh the heats gone” Yes that is it, it hit with a full on boot to the taste buds but fades to just nice garlic flavour almost right after. 

    Gluten Free, no high fructose corn syrup and an amazing taste, I want more, I want a lot more. It was the perfect heat to flavour ratio and it reinvented Melinda’s for me due to as stated before not being a huge Melinda’s hot sauce fan. It is something to buy, something to try and something any chilihead could enjoy and non-chiliheads could tolerate. Do yourself a favour and buy it.

    Onwards to heat!


    PS. Another plus that was added to this from our fridge space tyrant (the punter) buying this saves space as you don’t have a bottle of Ketchup and a bottle of hot sauce to add to it in your fridge.

    Chad “The Albino Rhino”

The Albino Rhino's First Chilly Chiles Product Review

Written by Chad McGee — November 29, 2013

G’day everyone this is the Rhino again and I have a question for you all. Have you ever bought something from a hot sauce company and loved it so much that you jumped on the chance to acquire another product from the same line only to be severely disappointed?

Well that happened to me today. I wasn’t looking at a hot sauce, though the product was from one of the best known hot sauce producers around. I bought a bag of the Blair’s Death Rain Jolokia Pepper Cauldron Cooked Chips. Now two weeks ago I had the Blair’s Death Rain Habanero chips, and they were exquisite. They made me sniffle, they put a tear in my eye and they gave me the beard sweats so what, what pray tell could the ghost pepper variety do?

The nutritional information was listed for twelve chips, so my first goal was to hit twelve. The head didn’t hit the apex until about chip ten or so, and after that apex nothing more really came, in fact by the end of the bag I wanted a tear so bad I ripped the bag open and licked the powder remnants out *as can be seen on the youtube video that will be posted this coming Monday*

What can I say about the product? They were great fun to try and I’m glad I had the chance to do so, they are all natural with but a few spice extractives and natural flavour but we won’t get started on that. They do give a hearty warmth to your mouth and after the bag a ingle tear can start to form in the very corner of one eye. They were not bad tasting, basically coming off as a regular kettle cooked chip with paprika and a bit of sweetness from the dextrose. 

All in all a good product that every chilihead should want to tick off *if you’re a ticker* myself I’ll stick with the Habanero ones myself as I found them more flavourful and much more punishing heat wise.

Anyway all thank you for reading this and putting up with my rambling, again if you have suggestions for me I’m all ears.

Onwards to heat,


Chad – The Albino Rhino

A New Addition to Curtis's Corner

Written by Chad McGee — November 26, 2013

  • G’day there Chilly Chiles fans, glad to see you here at Curtis’ Corner!

    As my writing style may suggest this is not Curtis, nor is it a replacement, I am but an addition to add more reviews as Curtis is kept busy at Chilly Chiles. My name is Chad and I’m also sometimes known as the Albino Rhino. I do not run my own store, nor do I claim to be an expert, I’m just a chilihead with a disgusting hot sauce collection, who has also been dumb enough to eat any pepper he can get his hands on fresh to see what it is like.

    I was a big supporter of Chilly Chiles in the past and am now in the position to continue to grow my collection and add to my experience in the hot sauce world. Of course I’ll rely on Chilly Chiles a lot to continue this as they are reliable and have quite the selection!

    If there is anything you want me to try just ask, and I look forward to adding to this Corner and use it to help my writing continue to grow, as spoken word is much more comfortable to me. 

    Onwards to heat chiliheads!


    Chad – The Albino Rhino.

The Shizzle Voodoo Hot! Jerk Marinade

Written by Curtis Nuthers — December 03, 2012



The Shizzle Voodoo Hot! Jerk Marinade

March 14, 2013

Okay, so its not a hot sauce I'm reviewing this time, but whatever, it tastes good. The company that makes this marinade also makes a milder version. Now, I could talk about both marinades, but I don't find the milder version all that exciting, so lets get onto reviewing the Voodoo Hot.

With a name like The Shizzle Voodoo Hot, I was expecting this to be really hot; using a coffee stir stick (as I didn't have anything else to test this on), I sampled it. The first flavor that came to mind, was nothing I could really identify. Thinking about it more, I came to the conclusion that it tasted partly like beef, partly like Korean Bulgogi sauce (sweet and hot) and partly like jerk seasoning.  Heat wise, it wasn't too hot, I would give this marinade a heat level of 6.5 or 7.

For the most part, Jerk seasoning can be used on most types of meat, but I think this stuff is interesting or different enough that it may go well on lots of thing. Unfortunately I have no suggestions on what to try using it on, as I've found that I like eating the stuff right out of the jar.

In conclusion, I think this is one of the best tasting Jerk marinade out there and if you want to try something with a unique taste, give it a shot.


 Black Heat Hot Sauce

February  5, 2013

Haven't posted anything for awhile, so I've decided to write a quick review on one of my favorite hot sauces. Out of all the sauces I've tried, this one's in my top ten favorites. 

So what makes  Black Heat so special? The answer lies in 2 flavors that I love the taste of: black pepper and curry. I have never seen nor tasted these 2 flavors together in a hot sauce (at least not to my knowledge). Upon sampling this hot sauce (first by itself), I found it interesting that I could taste both the black pepper and curry at the same time. I was really expecting there to be some sort of conflict in the taste, like one flavor dominating the other, but that never happened. As for the actual taste of the black pepper, it tasted fresh but not hot and the curry tasted generic but good.

Moving onto the heat level, I would rate this hot sauce as a 3 or 4 out of 10.

No hot sauce review is complete without trying the it on something edible. I spent some time debating on what I would have for supper that might work well with this sauce. I then remembered that the people who make this, recommend using it on meat, so for dinner I had a 3 meat pizza (loaded with meat) to see if their recommendation was a good one. I poured half the bottle on a quarter of the pizza, as I started eating, it seemed that it really did work well with the meat toppings. I won't even begin to try and describe what the taste was like (way too difficult), but I can say it tasted great and I would really like to try pouring this hot sauce on steak, and cook bacon in it; I'm sure it would work well with them.

 As far as negatives go, I really have no complaint's about this one, I only wish the people making this sauce could make a hotter version but still keep the balance between the black pepper and the curry. 

And that's it for today.



The Twin Sauces

December 18, 2012

Welcome back with another review. Today I've decided to review 2 hot sauces, Frostbite and Magma. These 2 hot sauces are pretty much the same, yet different, on the one hand they are both used to spice up drinks (any drink) and on the other hand, I'm guessing they taste slightly different (I say guessing as I've never tried the magma).

To compare them, I picked a random drink to to use them in, called Cochrane's Blue Raspberry (it's a fruit juice knockoff). The drink comes in a little 1L plastic jug, but since there was only half the drink left, I divided what was left into 2 glasses. Next I started with 10 drops of each sauce, one sauce per cup, and now on to the sampling.

Starting with the frostbite hot sauce, I noticed a slight burn overall in my mouth after taking one sip, so I'm going to try 1 more big sip to see if I can detect any more heat. The next sip wasn't any hotter, so I guess I'll have to up the amount of drops I put in the drink.  I decided to add 15 more drops and now the drink has some kick to it (about the same amount of heat as a strong ginger beer), every area of my mouth including my throat is now burning. Since I really want to see how powerful this sauce is, or if it can get any hotter, I'm going to end this with 100 drops. I've never tried that many drops of frostbite before so to let you know what the experience was like here it is: I downed the rest of the drink, my mouth is on fire and my throat feels like someone used an electric sander on it, yet I can still taste the drink, which is great. Next up is Magma hot sauce.

I took one sip, as I did with the Frostbite hot sauce, only this time I couldn't feel any heat (maybe I should have waited a few minutes, as I tried this after just sampling the Frostbite). I've let a few minutes pass by so I'm going to try it again..... and still nothing, no heat whatsoever, time to up the dose to 25 drops. After adding the extra drops and taking 2 sips of the drink I noticed that the inside of my cheeks are tingling (something I've never experienced before) but there's still no burning or pain anywhere. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with this sauce so I'm going for the 100 drops challenge. I got through a quarter of the cup and I noticed a very strong pepper sauce taste almost like tabasco sauce, which is okay if you like the taste of tabasco in your drinks but moving on. Towards the bottom this drink is becoming more brutal, my mouth is on fire (way hotter then when I had the drink with 100 drops of frostbite), I have a runny nose and my stomach hurts. I had to take a break from it as the heat was almost bordering on a pepper extract sauce (for those of you that don't know how hot that is, it would be a 10+ on the 1-10 scale). Well I managed to finish the drink but I don't plan on using that many drops of magma any time soon. 

I guess at this point I can say that I really liked the Frostbite in this drink, but the Magma not so much. Maybe I'll try the magma sauce in something else like pepsi or a beer to see if its any better and also not in the same quantities (100 drops).

Before I end this post I want to try the sauces by themselves. The Frostbite hot sauce really has very little flavor, its slightly sour (probably from the vinegar that's in it) and just hot (from the capsicum), but the heat is like a low heat that lingers, its like I know the heat is there but I don't really feel it. The Magma hot sauce has less of a vinegar taste then the Frostbite but more of a peppery taste and about the same heat. These sauces really should be used in drinks as they don't taste that good straight up.

Until next time, this is Curtis signing off.




December 3, 2012

Well here goes. My Name is Curtis, around here I'm known as the hot sauce librarian because its my job to classify and arrange the various types of sauces in the store. There are many sauces we carry that I like and that's what this blog is all about, reviewing those sauces. I like to get right to the point so my reviews won't be long one's, and with that here's the first sauce.

 Cajohns Trinidad Hot Sauce, made with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers. Moruga Scorpion peppers are considered by some people to be the hottest pepper out there, in any case this sauce isn't very hot compared to some of the other scorpion pepper sauces. On a scale from 1-10+, where 1 is the mildest and 10+ is insane heat, I would rank it at an 8. The sauce has some heat so I wouldn't recommend it to someone who doesn't like very much heat, but if you're a chile head and you want something crazy hot, this is not the sauce you're looking for.

Now the reason I like this hot sauce, is that it isn't crazy hot, I can use a lot of it on whatever I'm eating and it won't ruin the food with too much heat. I also love the flavor, a combination of fruity with a strong peppery taste. The heat appears quickly but doesn't last too long and you can taste the flavor of the hot sauce before the heat kicks in. 

 There is only 2 things I don't like about this hot sauce, the first thing is, it sometimes overpowers the flavor of the food. This could be a good thing if you want to mask the taste of the food or just like using the food as a means for eating the sauce. The second thing I don't like about this hot sauce is that some foods just don't work at all with it. Just today I tried it on sausage rolls and the combination was a disaster, neither the sauce or the roll tasted any good. 

 In closing, I've found this hot sauce works best in spaghetti sauce and on streak, and the key to successfully using this hot sauce and all other hot sauces out there is to experiment.





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