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Fat Cat Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce

March 19, 2019

   Fat Cat Gourmet Foods is an award-winning gourmet sauce manufacturing company from Orlando, Florida. Their products complement a wide range of foods, each having a very unique flavour profile. If you’re interested in learning more about Fat Cat and their products we offer here at Chilly Chiles, check out my review from awhile back of Fat Cat Chairman Meow’s Revenge. It’s another delicious product from their huge lineup of sauces!

   Their Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce is all-natural and gluten free, made with the perfect combination of ingredients to provide a nice sweet heat. The strawberry preserves made with sun-ripened strawberries, corn syrup, fruit pectin, and citric acid as well as the fresh strawberries all make for a fresh, fruity, sweet, and sour taste. The vinegar is only mildly noticeable while the serrano peppers add a light, fruity heat. The pineapple juice adds a nice subtle tropical sweetness to complement the strawberries. Onions add some texture to the sauce while the lime juice makes for a nice tangy and citrusy quality, once again adding a nice layer to the overall flavour profile. Cane sugar of course ensures that the sauce is as sweet as it needs to be while the garlic ever-so-subtly manages to bring its mild zingy notes. Very little garlic was added in order for the overall fruity quality of the sauce to shine through most.

   In terms of heat, this one gets a 1 out of 10 from me. Serrano is already a pretty mild pepper, similar to the jalapeno, so it comes as no surprise that once you add fruit into the mix the sauce becomes even milder. Upon tasting, I immediately got the sweet taste of strawberries and then a very subtle tingle from the peppers. It’s a heat level that anyone can handle. As long as you like sweet, fruity hot sauces, and specifically like strawberries, there’s no way you won’t like this one!

   Strawberry Serrano actually has more culinary uses than you may think. Sure, it may not exactly work in pasta or a taco, but it can be used in so many other ways that almost all other hot sauces on the market cannot! It’s delicious on ice cream, pancakes, frozen yoghurt, waffles, French toast, crepes, in peanut butter sandwiches, on buttered toast, plain yoghurt, cheesecake, in a lemonade, milkshake, smoothie, fruity cocktail, and so much more! It can even serve as a sweet sauce to top your grilled meats and poultry and also works as a flavourful addition to cheese courses. There really are many possibilities with this one!

   Come by one of our store locations and give Fat Cat Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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2766 reviews
Stomach pains over and over...

I would recommend this wholeheartedly but after my experience I'd say do not, for the love of God, eat this thing unless you crave insane amounts of recurring stomachs pain and spiritual regret.

It's fine at the beginning, tasty actually with a nice initial mouth and throat burn but the satanic embers begin about 2-5 minutes after and flourish with terrible abandon for HOURS afterwards. I had to lie down for an hour and thought the cramps had finally finished their unrelenting grinding assault.

How wrong I was.

When I foolishly thought the unending pain had subsided I drove my 2 young kids to a birthday party, only 15 minutes away. Halfway through though I experienced an oncoming annoyance I felt my will could overcome. Mild sweating initially, followed by a steaming, angry swell deep in my intestinal tract up to my gut and my soul. I tried with great effort to subside the inevitable but alas my strength faltered and failed epically.

My daughter insisted we turn around, head back home or to a hospital as she was well aware of my turmoil, palpable and terrifying for one so young and naive of the stupidity of a grown adult's need for acceptance of accomplishment, however idiotic it may seem.

In the end we made it and I'm glad we did but it was an experience I would never wish upon my worse enemy.

10/10 but please, for the love of all that is Holy don't eat this abomination unless you're comfortable being extremely UNCOMFORTABLE.

Great Product & Customer Service

Great service and great product! Got this for my boyfriend who loves spicy food (I didn't try it because it would most likely reduce me to tears) and he LOVED it. Customer service was great! 10/10 would order from again

Surprising heat, with flavor!

The Spicy Shark's sauces are all made in a similar state of mind: heat without sacrificing the flavor. When I first opened the bottle, I immediately picked up banana(!), then Dijon, then a hint of pineapple. I used it in a pineapple-based chicken curry and despite all the spices from the curry itself, the sauce still came out on top adding its fantastic Dijon flair, backed with the creeping kick of ghost pepper. This will probably be a bit mild for chili heads but packed with flavor. Definitely going to become a mainstay for my curries!

Black Garlic

This sauce is amazing, was expecting it to be hotter being reeper. But the burn lasted longer then other sauces I have tried. Great sauce definitely will buy again.

My son loved the bottle I brought home from St. Lucia. These are for Christmas.