Hot Ones Hits No 7 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 7 $64.99
In this hot sauce bundle, we've put together three incredible sauces featured on Hot Ones that lets you do three things: Enjoy the heat, savour the flavour & save $! Mako Snake fragrant masala seasonings, coconut & pineapple, ghost pepper & Carolina Reaper; this sauce presents with big heat and complex flavours. Headless Horseradish with horseradish as the first ingredient it's no wonder this sauce packs a solid punch both heat and flavour-wise! Fiya!Fiya! yep, you'd better have something on hand to put out the fire with after indulging in this fiery Hawaiian hot sauce!
Hot Ones Hits No 13 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 13 $48.99
To make it easier (and cheaper!) for you to enjoy some fantastic hot sauces featured on the hit YouTube show Hot Ones, we have curated a package for you with three great flavours. This bundle keeps the heat at a pleasant simmer without coming to a full boil. Dirty Dick's  Secret Aardvark  Fresco Sauce Chile De Arbol
Hot Ones Hits No 12 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 12 $39.99
This Hot Ones favourites set brings together the classic Secret Aardvark with a Canadian bestseller, Heartbeat Pineapple Habanero and Queen Majesty's savoury Scotch Bonnet & Ginger. Lots of flavour with a nice medium heat all around. Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Secret Aardvark Heartbeat Pineapple Habanero  
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Hot Ones Hits No 16 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 16 $55.99
This Hot Ones collection was selected with the serious heat lover in mind. Da Bomb has left its mark on the show and its guests both, now it's your turn to see what all the fuss is about! Mark's Barbados Style is a Canadian-made Scotch Bonnet with notes of sweet fruit and bold rum. Mark's Barbados Style Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Culley's Fire Water
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Hot Sauce Gift Box - Hot Sauce
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Hot Sauce Gift Box $47.99
This exclusive Kentucky bourbon hot sauce gift set contains: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Habanero Kentucky Straight Bourbon Reaper Pepper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Jalapeno Kentucky Straight Bourbon Ghost Pepper Manufactured by Bourbon Sauce Co
Hot Ones Hits No 9 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 9 $51.99
You've seen guest on Hot Ones writhe in pain, scream, cry and chug milk after ingesting these sauces, here's your opportunity to find out what all the fuss was about! Dave's Insanity this classic is how many chileheads got their first introduction to serious heat. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity it's probably fair to say that even though every guest on Hot Ones had their own unique reaction to this sauce they likely all agree it's a serious scorcher! Hellfire Fear This! This is a sauce that holds its own without extract. An incendiary blend of some of the hottest peppers on Earth combines to create an intense, lingering heat profile.
Hot Ones Hits No 10 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 10 $49.99
Have your own mini Hot Ones challenge at home with this tasty three pack. Three unique flavours in three different heat levels. Garlic n Peperoncini Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee Fiya!Fiya!
LITS Flavour Flight 3pk Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
LITS Flavour Flight 3pk Hot Sauce $19.99
Want to switch your hot sauce theme up a bit but hesitate to commit to a big bottle of something new? Then this peppy 3pk is for you! Made by Toronto's Lost In The Sauce, these three sauces gives you great variety in both heat & flavour! Each set contains 1 2oz sampler bottle of the following tasty sauces: LITS Lime Chili LITS Burning Mango LITS OG Boodoo   Manufactured by Lost In The Sauce
Melinda’s 3 Pack Hot Sauce Gift Set - Hot Sauce
Melinda's 3 Pack Hot Sauce Gift Set $28.99
This gift set includes three of the most popular Melinda's sauces: Original Extra Hot XXXtra Hot   Manufactured by Figueroa Brothers
Mango Magic - Gift Set
Mango Magic $45.99
Mangoes and hot peppers were made for each other and here we have selected three hot sauces with similar ingredients but very different characteristics. High River Sauces Tears of the Sun  Fresco Sauce Chile De Arbol Culley's No 7 Tropical Caribbean 
The Bold & Beautiful - Hot Sauce
The Bold & Beautiful $49.99
Three unique and distinct flavours for the discerning foodie. Bring flavour to the table in a classy bottle with bold contents. Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Aka Miso Ghost Pepper & Blueberry
Hot Ones Hits No 5 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 5 $43.99
This Hot Ones set gives you a great range of heat, from mild & mellow Hippy Dippy to deep & fiery Black Garlic & Carolina Reaper by way of medium & savoury Sauce Bae.  Hippy Dippy  Sauce Bae Bravado Black Garlic
Made In Canada - Gift Set
Made In Canada $39.99
Support our Canadian sauce crafters & eat deliciously. It's a win-win for everyone involved! Three sauces, three heat levels & three very unique flavour profiles. Dawson's Original Ginger Goat Original LITS Lime Chili Two of these great sauces have also been featured on Hot Ones, do you know which ones?
Hot Ones The Classic 3pk - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones The Classic 3pk $59.99
SAVE ON HOT ONES   Stock up on this clean, classic Louisiana style hot sauce which might just be the most versatile sauce ever. Add liberally to everything you eat for a satisfying combination of heat and flavour but don't sleep on using it as an ingredient in everything from homemade Buffalo wing sauce to zesty bolognese. Each pack contains 3 Hot Ones The Classic
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Hellfire Third Level Of Hell Gift Set - Gift Set
Hellfire Third Level Of Hell Gift Set $39.99 $44.99
The perfect gift idea for the hot sauce lover, even if that person is you! Buying gifts for yourself is never wrong. This set contains three very distinct sauces, from savoury Scotch Bonnet to fresh & bright Verde to deep and robust chocolate & cherry. Chocolate Cherry Hell Vampira Verde Venom Devil's Blend Scotch Bonnet