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Humble House Habanero & Aji Amarillo Hot Sauce

July 31, 2019

Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Humble House Foods have been making hot sauces since 2008. All natural, vegan, and gluten-free, these artisanal sauces are just too darn good. I’ve greatly enjoyed the whole three-sauce lineup this past year, putting them on almost everything! I also love the way they explain their branding and philosophy on the bottle. They write: “We are an urban brand comprised of culinary professionals who have roots in the farmlands of Texas. Phenomenal taste and sustainability are paramount to our purpose. We hope you can taste the difference that responsibility makes.” I can attest that all of their products are downright delicious and that I can indeed tell that much hard work and dedication has gone into their creation.

Be sure to check out my review for Humble House Guajillo and Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce if you’d like! That’s a great one if you’re a fan of sriracha-style sauces and love a good Mexican flavour too!

Habanero and Aji Amarillo is indeed a sweet-heat fruit sauce. It’s got a sweet and tangy blend of fresh peppers and tropical fruits which makes for a very savoury Latin-inspired hot sauce. Chile fruit paste comprised of Aji Amarillo peppers, golden raisins, dried mango, dried papaya, and habaneros makes for a sweet, citrusy, and tangy taste. Apple cider vinegar preserves the sauce with an added hint of sourness while the cane sugar brings a tad more sweetness into the mix. Kosher salt then of course ensures that the sauce is well-seasoned and balanced.

In terms of heat, I’d give this a 1 out of 10. I find it very mild, with the tangy, savoury flavour being its main strength. I’m quite sure anyone could handle the heat of this one. I’d recommend it to those who like fruit-based sauces as it’s one of the most unique ones I’ve had in a long time. Therefore, heat seekers and beginners alike should appreciate this one!

The suggested pairings on the bottle are mac ‘n cheese, pork chops, ceviche, and fresh fruit cocktails. I definitely agree with these suggestions. I would also recommend you try it with fish tacos, poke bowls, salads, grilled meats or seafood, fried tofu, sandwiches, and more. It’s a great sweet dip for your French fries, oven-roasted potatoes, veggies, and hors d’oeuvres too!

Come by one of our store locations and give Humble House Habanero & Aji Amarillo Hot Sauce a try! It won’t hurt!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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