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Humble House Guajillo & Red Jalapeno

October 01, 2018

From San Antonio, Texas, Humble house is one of those brands that delivers fantastic flavours in all their products; Guajillo & Red Jalapeno is no exception! As with the other sauces in their lineup, it’s made with simple, natural ingredients, and is also gluten free! With its bold flavour, light smokiness, smooth taste, and slow-building mild heat, this is among the most accessible sauces we offer here at Chilly Chiles. We also found out this week that this one will be the #2 sauce in the Hot Ones lineup for season 7! As said by Sean Evans in the Hot Ones Season 7 Lineup Reveal Video, this sauce has been dubbed by Noah Chaimberg from Heatonist as “Mexican sriracha.” That is the perfect way to succinctly describe this product.

The peppers used in this one are a blend of aged red jalapenos, which have a modest fruity flavour, and Guajillo chiles, (which are dried Mirasol chiles) with their smoky and sweet tomato-like taste. This combination of mild peppers going through the aging process makes for a more complex-tasting sauce, with complimentary flavours. Fresh garlic adds a good amount of zing, contributing to the bold nature of this sauce. Vinegar, the classic preserving ingredient, adds the sourness we come to expect from most hot sauces. Pickled red bell pepper brings a tad of not only tang due to the pickling of the peppers, but also sweetness. Cane sugar adds to this sweetness and balances out with the tang and mild heat, creating that perfect sriracha-like formula. Kosher salt ensures the right amount of subtle saltiness to complete the flavour profile.

In terms of heat I would give this one a 1 out of 10. Everyone should be able to handle this sauce! It’s no hotter than your conventional sriracha you can find at the supermarket (and honestly, it’s way better). When I taste it, due to my rather high tolerance for spicy food, I only get a subtly warm tingle on my tongue. I use it more as a sauce to add flavour rather than heat, which is what I’m sure seasoned chile heads like myself use it for too. For someone who is only a fan of  Mexican, or sriracha hot sauces, this is a great step up in terms of uniqueness. And since this sauce is around the same heat level, no one should be intimidated by it!

Enjoy this sauce in a multitude of ways! If you’re a fan of any kind of Mexican or Asian dishes, this one is a MUST-TRY! It’s a good dip, marinade, or glazing/drizzling sauce for so many different foods. Use it the same way you would use a sriracha or any Mexican-style hot sauce!  Add some tangy-sweet heat to your tacos, stir fries, sandwiches, skewers, burgers, ramen, eggs, veggies, pork chops, wings, and so much more. It’s one of those sauce you can add pretty much anywhere, and it just blends in to the other flavours of the meal so well. If you’re a fan of sriracha and/or Mexican hot sauces and are looking to switch it up, look no further than this sauce!

Come by one of our store locations and give Humble House Guajillo & Red Jalapeno a try!

As always, Stay on the spicy side of life!


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