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Heartbeat Red Habanero Hot Sauce

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Heartbeat Hot Sauce is all about the peppers. They have taken the bold heat and flavour of red habaneros, the sweetness of bell peppers and the brightness of fresh lime juice to create the most versatile hot sauce possible. Fermented in small batches and entirely hand made without the use of thickening agents, preservatives or added water. Bring new life to all your favorite foods both savory and sweet.

Ingredients: Bell Pepper, Onion, White Vinegar, Sugar, Red Habanero, Garlic, Lime Juice, Kosher Salt, Canola Oil

Preservative Free

Manufactured by: Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Probably my all time go to

Goes on everything, had to buy a bottle just to keep at the office!

great sauce!

Hot but not too hot. Great taste, balanced flavour. Solid go to sauce.

Great one

What a great sauce!
I'm a chilly head and this sauce is really mild spicy 2.5/10 on my scale.
What a great flavor! Reminded me of red hot but with is own tasty flavor, the kind of flavor that you just want to put on everything that you eat!
They put a twist/pour top and it's not for nothing ,you just want to put it on anything that you got under your hand off.
The kind of sauce to make your friends try new horizon.
Really recommende it to anyone!
Would buy again ,thanks chilly for the selection !

Wonderful packaging and arrived in time

Very happy with the packaging. My hot sauces were safely protected. You can tell the care they put in the packaging. My only critique is that my hot sauces were delivered to a post office instead of the destination. Luckily, post office wasn't too far to get too. I'll still be buying more hot sauces in the future.

Great selection, packaging the shipping

The selection at your store if fantastic. The shipping is on time, with proper notification and tracking. Have not been disappointed with any of my orders so far. Much prefer to shop from your store than Amazon.

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Family fav

The first time I found this I bought it when on vacation for my brother in law and brother and it became a family favorite! Love that I can have it shipped straight to my door so quickly!

Scull still sweating

Was a xmass gift I was saving, unfortunetly because of the China virus keeping all us apart. Figured this was the right time. O man is this stuff good hands down top shelf hot sauce. 100% recommend .

Tasty not hot

Very tasty but would not rate it as hot

Spontaneous Combustion Habanero Powder


Cheap, and tasty. Amazing on chili.