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Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce

April 17, 2019

Dawson’s is an all-around superb company. And what’s more, they’re locals based in Hamilton, Ontario! I’ve never been disappointed by any of their sauces and it’s safe to say that I’m HOOKED! This one is definitely Original. It’s got a flavour profile reminiscent of Italian chile oil, but with an added sweetness. It’s made with all-natural, high quality ingredients, as with all sauces by Dawson’s! It has the perfect balance between heat and flavour. One thing I really love about this sauce is the thick, smooth, and silky consistency. It pours out so effortlessly… and the colour is beautiful as well! Of course, this is not as important as the taste, but it’s nice to see a sauce that is pleasant to the eye too! It not only enhances your meal; it can make a stunning garnish or drizzle on all kinds of food! You may remember this sauce from previous seasons of the First We Feast YouTube show Hot Ones. All I can say is, I wouldn’t take Alton Brown’s opinion of the sauce very seriously. It’s an amazing product and don’t let any celebrities tell you otherwise!

I’ve written a few reviews of Dawson’s products in the past. Namely, reviews for Dawson’s Sichuan Ghost Pepper and Dawson’s Big Smoke Chipotle. These are two incredible products that are some of my all-time favourites. Give the reviews a read if you’d like to learn more about this local company and some of the other delicious products of theirs we offer here at Chilly Chiles!

The flavour profile of this one is sweet, lightly fruity, and bold. Habaneros are the only chile pepper in the sauce. Their flavour and heat totally shine through, while not overpowering the other ingredients too much. This makes it a very balanced sauce overall given that no ingredient on the list confuses me or catches me off-guard! The vinegar does a good job of preserving the sauce while adding only a light tang, as it does not mask any of the other ingredients. Brown sugar brings some enjoyable sweetness. I find there’s just the right amount of sugar added; any more would have made it too sweet in my opinion. So, Dawson’s has once again perfectly balanced every element! Extra virgin olive oil adds a mild fruitiness and creates that lovely consistency I mentioned about above. Sea salt ensures that the product is well-seasoned, while the garlic and its zingy quality is actually noticeable! It makes for a nice aftertaste. Gosh I love garlic in hot sauces!

In terms of heat I would give this one a 4 out of 10. It’s mostly got the heat I would expect from a habanero-based hot sauce. Due to the added sweetness from the brown sugar, the heat overall has been slightly reduced from the heat it could potentially have. I don’t mind the mild-medium heat because that means more people can enjoy it! I would recommend Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce to everyone. PERIOD. If you at least mildly enjoy all the of the ingredients mentioned above, you will definitely enjoy this one!

Add this original one to ALL of your favourite dishes. I mean it! It’s pretty versatile, so you can enjoy it with a number of different cuisines from all around the world! It’s great with sautéed shrimp, scallops, and even when glazed on salmon. It’s also good on wings, grilled chicken thighs, grilled veggies like zucchini, and even stews! Add it to your pasta, crostini, eggs, burritos, tacos, chili, and more. This sauce is also great as a dip for spring rolls, egg rolls, and fries. It’s one of my go-to hot sauces and I always have a steady supply of it in my fridge!

Come by one of our store locations and give Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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2537 reviews
Delicious with the perfect kick

Probably the best tasting hot sauce I've ever had. It is really delicious, with a slow building kick that is perfect for me. My only gripe is that it is pretty thin and goes quick. I finished the bottle inside of a week, mind you I really enjoyed it and may have been a little too generous each time I took it out. I wish I could buy it in a much, much larger bottle.

Blazing hottt!!!

The heat just keeps building

Smoked onion sauce with a bit of kick

I would definitely characterize this sauce as an onion sauce first with some after thoughts of smoke and spice. Picture a soft fried onion, definitely not caramelized, just a bit soft with plenty of remaining onion flavor mixed with some smoked jalapeno peppers. It is almost like a jar of oniony jalepno poppers without the cheese of course.

It is an assertive sauce that I feel goes best with a savory dish without a lot of competing strong flavours, goes well on a steak sandwich, not so well on a samosa.

Truff red