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El Yucateco XXXTra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce

August 21, 2019

El Yucateco is a classic Mexican hot sauce company. Since 1968, they have been making a variety of hot sauces, each with a unique, yet traditional Mexican flavour. Here at Chilly Chiles, along with the one being reviewed here, we also carry their Jalapeno, Chipotle, Green Habanero hot sauces, as well as a few others! I’ve had them all and can say they’re pretty great! The XXXTra Hot Habanero is definitely my favourite one of their whole lineup, and it’s also the hottest one (pure coincidence)! If you’re a fan of habaneros and habanero-based hot sauces. You absolutely MUST try this one! Check out the customer reviews on the product page to see why so many people enjoy it!

The flavour profile is fresh, bold, and a tad smoky. It’s got a southwestern flavour that makes it enjoyable with all kinds of meals. Habanero pepper, with its citrusy and smoky flavour, brings a solid heat I would hope to find in this type of product. The vinegar is only mildly present, with the tomato adding a light sweetness and acidity while also adding to the thickness of the sauce. Salt and spices ensure that it’s well-seasoned and has that distinct Mexican flavour one would expect. There’s also sodium benzoate in the mix. This is a very common preservative, and this sauce has around 0.1% of it.

In terms of heat, I’d give this a solid 5 out of 10. I find it has the perfect amount of heat I would want to find in a habanero-based hot sauce. This being said, to really enjoy this one you have to both like the taste of the habanero and be able to handle the heat. It’s not really for those only looking for a very mild kick like you would find in jalapeno or cayenne-based hot sauces. My hardcore chile heads out there would also appreciate XXXTra hot because it does justice to the pepper being used. I even find myself at times hiccupping from this one if I put more than a tablespoon on my dish! So, don’t underestimate it!

Add some El Yucateco to all your favourite Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Cali-Mex dishes! I’ve enjoyed it with my burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, burrito bowls, nachos, rice and beans, avocado, salsa, enchiladas, guacamole, and more. It’s of course delicious on more than just those kinds of cuisine! Enjoy it with your favourite comfort foods too such as mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, meat pie, poutine, and breadsticks. Also give it a try with whatever you’re barbecuing! Slather it on steaks, grilled chicken, veggies, and seafood for a burst of fresh heat!

Be sure to come by one of our store locations and give El Yucateco Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero XXXTra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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