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Bee Sting Mango Passion Hot Sauce

February 19, 2020

   When you think of a bee sting, you probably think of excruciating pain and the need for medical attention. Well get that thought out of your mind for this sauce as it will definitely not sting you much at all! It will, however, provide you with some fresh tropical flavours, which I am sure many of you would enjoy! Bee Sting is a great lineup of sauces which are all pretty sweet. They're made by Half Moon Bay Trading Co. who are, in fact, the makers of Iguana Hot Sauces. Also, these products are actually imported exclusively by the manufacturer from Costa Rica! Some great sauces come from there!

   The four other sauces in this lineup which we have online and in store at Chilly Chiles are Honey n' Habanero Hot Sauce, "Thai Sting" Sweet Chili Hot Sauce, Pineapple Guava Pepper Sauce, and Rainforest Honey Pepper Sauce. I've heard lots of great things about them, so be sure to check them out if you're interested!

    The flavour profile of Mango Passion is fruity, sweet, tropical, tangy, and fragrant. The tomato puree acts as a slightly sweet base for the sauce, while water also balances out its acidity and consistency. Mango puree and passion fruit bring that tropical, tangy fruitiness while the cane sugar and honey add some extra sweetness as well. Corn starch gives the sauce a nice thicker consistency, making it great for drizzling or glazing on many of your favourite dishes! Habanero peppers are much lower on the ingredients list, so you can imagine already that they must have a minimal impact on the heat of the sauce. Salt, Allspice, and cloves add exotic, hot, and peppery overtones. Finally, sodium benzoate (less than 1%) and vitamin C are both added as preservatives. 

   In terms of heat, I would give this one a 1 out of 10. For me, it has the slightest bit of tingling heat when I taste it. I don't imagine most people even regarding this sauce as hot in any way. In this case, as long as you're a fan of sweet sauces with fresh, tropical flavours, then I'm sure you'd enjoy it! This is a sauce that's all about the unique, sweet taste. It's not about the heat. So if you're looking for more of a 50/50 balance between sweet and heat, this may not be the one for you. 

   Add some Bee Sting to many of your favourite dishes which could use some savoury sweetness and the slightest bit of heat! I've used this one as a glaze, marinade, or dipping sauce for seafood, chicken, and pork recipes that go well with the sweet tropical taste this sauce has to offer. It's particularly great with shrimp, roasted veggies, fried chicken, burgers, grilled cheese, and more! It's more addictive than you may think!

   Come by one of our store locations and give Bee Sting Mango Passion Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!



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