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Torchbearer Honey Badger Hot Sauce

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The label on this hot sauce reads "Killer" and that's no lie. The heat from this one comes as a bit of surprise as your brain is busy dealing with all the rich flavours it kinda sneaks up behind you and yells BOO! Great texture, nice aroma and beautiful colour, if big heat paired with great flavour is your thing, you might find it hard to put this bottle down.

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Scorpion pepper, honey, distilled white vinegar, water, canola oil, brown sugar, mustard powder, Carolina Reaper pepper, white sugar, Cayenne pepper powder, black pepper, turmeric, mustard seed, granulated garlic, salt, garlic. Net weight: 142 gr

Manufactured by Torchbearer Sauces

Customer Reviews

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D.T. (Edmonton, CA)
Good flavor, nice heat. Lingering, not overpowerful.

Clocking in at a modest 99,000 SHU, this hot sauce has flavor that packs a punch. As a rule of thumb when trying a new sauce I always take a dab or two on a spoon to gauge both the flavor profile and heat. This sauce is both delicious and gives a spice lord something to come back to. This is not an overtly hot sauce, but the flavor and linger is beyond compelling for repeat customers. The sweet honey taste coats your mouth and the initial impression is just another delicious sauce. A few seconds later, the heat starts to build. Slowly over the next several minutes, you will experience the peak of heat. Again, it's not overtly hot or unbearable, but rather a pleasant treat. I would eat this sauce on chicken wings, pizza, or anything else that needs a little kick with a sweet undertone. You can even mix this with salsa to give it an extra boost for your dipping needs. I gave a dab to a friend who isn't a hot sauce connoisseur and they didn't keel over in pain, although they definitely felt some heat buildup, perhaps beyond their liking. So this sauce isn't for the tame or innocent, and it delivers on both flavor and heat. If you're accustomed to sauces over 100,000 SHU, then you might want to try something a bit higher up on the scale. Otherwise if you're in it for the flavor and modest heat, this sauce is for you. I will definitely be trying out more of the Torchbearer lineup.

Matthew Ewaskow

Torchbearer Honey Badger Hot Sauce

Stanton Landry
Great Heat and Flavor

I set up a Hot Ones challenge with some friends. Honey Badger was in our #7 slot (right before Da Bomb). This was the last hot sauce in our lineup that was actually enjoyable before they became exercises in pure pain. It is still quite hot, and the honey gives it a stickiness in your mouth that makes it linger a while. I will definitely buy this one again.

Sebastian R. (Oakville, CA)
Honey Badger takes no prisoners

Like the animal the sauce is named after, it packs quite the bite. Hotter than I thought it’d be but it’s also flavorful. Have had it on wings and pizza and I’m tempted to toss a heftier amount on to see if the sweetness is good enough to endure the heat.