The Reaper Hot Sauce


The Reaper Hot Sauce


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This is classic Puckerbutt, clean and simple ingredients make way for a hot sauce that allows the heat and flavour of the pepper, in this case, the Carolina Reaper, to take center stage.

Ingredients: Carolina Reaper peppers, distilled vinegar, xanthan gum. 148 ml 

Manufactured by Puckerbutt Pepper Co

Customer Reviews

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Josh (Peterborough, CA)
Worth the Price, take the step

Great pepper flavor followed by that iconic unrivaled reaper heat, truly great on everything i even dip popcorn in this stuff.

Chris Lawson (Wiarton, CA)
Good stuff

Good stuff. Actually has some flavour instead of just burning... don’t get me wrong though, still has good burn

Scott (Thunder Bay, CA)
In Puckerbutt we trust

Just one look at the ingredients and you know exactly what you're getting into. The beauty of this sauce is its simplicity. You don't just get the wicked heat from the Carolina Reaper, with only vinegar as the other ingredient competing for your palate's attention you get the uninterrupted flavour of the pepper itself. The delayed effect of the Carolina Reaper means you'll get a nice couple seconds alone with the acidity of the vinegar and that wonderful Carolina Reaper flavour before the punishing heat hits you -- and hits you HARD.

If you've tried Puckerbutt's Reaper Squeezins then you already have a good idea what you're getting into. There's more vinegar and less pepper than it's Squeezins counterpart, so you'll be getting less heat per drop with The Reaper. That's not a necessarily a bad thing as this rendition of the pure Reaper sauce has a consistency that makes coating your food much easier.

Seriously though, if you read the ingredients and weren't scared off then this is the sauce for you. What are you waiting for? Stop reading these reviews and buy it already.

Nick Gautreau (Moncton, CA)
Reaper review

She was reaper worthy wooooo

Alf (Toronto, CA)

Very hot but also very tasty, highly recommended