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Jekyll or Hyde Insane Hot Sauce

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You decide the heat in this potentially insanely hot sauce - This baby was invented for a bacon sarnie and pulled pork and is a firm favourite in the Reapers fridge. Only the finest red jalapenos are taken to be chipotle chillies, they are left on the plant to the last moment, and smoked for a good 24 hours. They can be hot or cold smoked, and then dehydrated. Ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 SHU they aren't the punch of a Serrano, but the flavour is what you are looking for, and this sauce packs it in. Not enough heat for you, I thought of that too! Dr Jekyll as you know turned himself insane with a potion, which I have named Elixer 13 which you get with the sauce, (I know Elixir is spelt like this, I'm just being different for the Elixer) 1/2 million SHU in a dripper bottle, which enables you to carry out your own experiments in regard to heating your sauce to the border of insanity! A family of four can enjoy the same sauce at different heat levels by heating their own portion! I'm pleased to say that Jekyll or Hyde...You Decide was


Handmade in Hertfordshire, England.

 HOT CHILLI SAUCE MADE WITH CHIPOTLE CHILLIES - INGREDIENTS : Red Peppers, White Wine Vinegar, Water, Chipotle Chilli, Golden Syrup, Red Onion, Garlic, Salt, Oil, Citric Acid.

ELIXER - INGREDIENTS: 1/2 million scoville oleoresin. WARNING: Use as food additive only, not to be sold separately, accompanies Jekyll sauce.

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Great stuff! Thanks for the

Great stuff! Thanks for the quick service!

Really good taste and nice

Really good taste and nice amount of kick. The Hyde extract is awesome in chilli or homemade sauce highly recommend

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Horrible after taste

This sauce gets two stars from me due to the horrible after taste but contains a crazy amount of heat. It feels hotter than some other sauces I have that are rated much higher in scovilles. I only bought this due to the "hot ones" show to see what the fuss was about. I think it was a mistake to add "natural pepper flavoring", tomato paste and some wrong spices that contribute to an icky after taste (not talking about heat).


I stayed away from this sauce for a while but after watching "hot ones" my curiosity was peaked. I didn't find it as hot as some of the others that were rated lower in scoville units in their show line up. For the level of heat, I echo the comments already made. The makers of this sauce did an incredible job balancing heat with sharp flavors such as sun dried tomatoes needed to poke through. Love this sauce.

OMG The ingredients

The stuff they squeeze into this little bottle, likely why it costs a lot more. I agree with the others that this isn't super crazy hot given the types of peppers used. The makers did a good job mixing it all together in the right combination. This goes great with wild game meats, thanksgiving and other festive turkey meals. But i don't really think there's anything this hot sauce doesn't taste good with.


My head tolerance is a bit low but this sauce is absolutely perfect. Perhaps not as hot as the heat scale given in the product description though. This sauce won with over with a disclaimer that the sour cherry may contain pits. That's awesome and screams no fake simulated cherry powered in this sauce. Will be buying this again.

Disguisting and disapointing.

I'm not a hot sauce expert but my taste buds hate this rub. For a long time, I've been looking for a cherry power spice. I tried to make my own using dollar store simulated cherry powder and this Mary's product is far worse. Imagine a no name cherry coke, add a ton more sugar, a while the smoke tries to overpower the similar tart cherry flavor that actually gives me a headache. To their credit, if real dehydrated cherry powder was used, they would likely have to charge around $30/shaker. I would pay this if they added some heat to this... otherwise cook your stuff in dr. pepper or cherry coke and save money. Won't be buying this again.