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Bravado Black Garlic & Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

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One of the most popular ones on the show, this finely crafted hot sauce brings together the awesome heat of the Carolina Reaper pepper, savory black garlic and sharp cracked black pepper, finished with a touch of sweet maple syrup. 

Ingredients: Vinegar, red Serrano, Carolina Reaper, roasted garlic, maple syrup, black garlic, black pepper, sea salt 

Manufactured by Bravado Spice 

Customer Reviews

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Spicy with a hint of smokey?

Very tasty and spicy sauce with whatappears to be a smokey aftertaste? Can't quite tell but still a very good sauce

Delicious and Sneaky

An excellent sauce. Trying it straight:
Sweet maple, a touch of black garlic - a touch too subtle since it's in the name and is my only real complaint, the strong scent of serrano with its initial kick... and the insidious reaper.
This sauce, for me, was a sneaker. The heat at first was relatively mild and manageable but soon charged up to a powerful, eye-watering burn and stayed there through a couple of minutes of water sipping. A very decent punch, even when diluted on food.

Heat forward with a nice flavour

First off be warned, this is a very liquid hot sauce, so it is easy to pour out a lot more than intended. The heat in this one hits you right away, and then subsides to let the flavour through. Nice balance of good spice and a fairly short after burn, so you can go back for more pretty quickly. I like this on Asian dumplings and noodles - the spice and garlic marry well with the flavours of such dishes. Not sure I would repurchase, but fun and versatile nonetheless.


This sauce is very fragrant and inviting. It is hot but also very flavourful. The sweetness from the maple syrup and roasted garlic combined with the savoury black garlic, and the heat from the reapers, is just terrific and well-balanced. It almost tastes more like a fiery BBQ sauce that would be perfectly at home brushed on pork tenderloin or a grilled chop. Though the consistency is a little thinner than I would have liked, it is still an absolute winner.

Current favorite

This stuff is so good, I can't describe properly.. will be buying this one again for sure.

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Brutal, very hot, taste was really bad

This was just stinking hot, tastes hotter than a lot of other sauces but the heat over powers you and it is not a great taste, was good for a hot wing challenge but I would use as recommended on the bottle to just add heat to something like soup or chili if you want some extreme heat, even then there are much better choices!

Not as crazy as I was expecting but many of my friends can barely handle it :)

It really burns, the heat kicks in and keeps going up when you breathe :)

I cried... I had hiccups..... but I was expecting it to be kicking my ass more.

No ring of fire :)

Baron West Indian Mustard Hot Sauce 14oz

My fav!

This is one of my go to hot sauces. I love the smokey flavour of this sauce. Will be ordering it again.


Hot, but not just for hot's sake. Really good flavour.