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Hoboken Eddie's Hot Sauce 6oz


This is how you make a no-frills hot sauce with incredible flavor and just the right level of heat. Keep on hand at all times and apply liberally to avoid the pain of bland food!

Ingredients: Hot sauce (peppers, vinegar, salt), tomato paste (tomatoes, salt), molasses, brown sugar, curry powder, cumin seeds, chili powder, cayenne pepper 

Manufactured by Hoboken Eddie's 

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2230 reviews
Great Sauce

Nice heat that builds the more you eat! Great flavor profile and not just vinegar and chillies. Will def buy again

What a salty sauce.

Great kick but the salt comes fasty and cover everything.
Worst sauce from Iguana i tried.

Great garlic sauce

This is a great garlic hot sauce. The heat is low but the garlic and basil pack a lot of flavour. Texture is medium in nature, which always the sauce to remain in place rather then to run down whatever it's applied to.

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