Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce 10 oz


Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce 10 oz


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Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is one of our top-selling table sauces. Mild with a smooth texture and great rounded flavour suited for every meal of the day from your breakfast eggs to your late-night popcorn snack. Cooked up by Dexter Holland, frontman for the punk band Offspring, there's also a green, a spicy yellow and a super hot in the series but remember, you gotta keep 'em separated!

Ingredients: Water, white vinegar, red Fresno peppers, hot yellow chili peppers, Habanero peppers, onions, dried chilis, salt, garlic, achiote, spices, xanthan gum.

Manufactured by Hungry Punker

Customer Reviews

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Katrina C (Montreal, CA)

It takes forever for Gringo Bandito to make its way to Quebec (translation issues) and it's very hard to find in stores. Thank God for Chilly Chillies!!! I can get all the hot sauces I love, especially this one!!!

William Binsfeld (Listowel, CA)
Gringo Bandito

This is ketchup for big kids, I put it on just about everything!

jean-yves prevost (Montreal, CA)
The flavor is amazing .

The big bottle in the middle of the 3, red sauce full of flavor the heat kicks in a little after touch down .I love it🤙

Richard Kojzar (Terrebonne, CA)
Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce

I have already tried this brand of hot sauce and just to tell you that it is great. Spread it on your favorite dish and it will kick up the flavor. I had paid, at my local grocery store a pretty penny when I saw this sauce. By the way, its from Dexter Holland from the group The Offspring. I first bought it because of the group but I was really satisfied when I tried it. If you like hot sause that tastes great, has some kick, try it. It is hot sauce but not to the extreme. Lastly, really impressed with Chilly Chiles and the really fast delivery. The items were well wrapped in material that is biodegradable. Great for the envirnment. Good work

chris p (Montreal, CA)
A staple in my home

I'm so glad I discovered this sauce ! It goes perfect with anything Mexican. I also love it on wings and chili is no longer the same without it ! Not overly spicy but extremely flavorful and elevates anything it touches. Even with the 10 ounce bottle I'm already on my second bottle, and this from a a guy who has at least 40 bottles. A must for any hot sauce lover ! I'll always be ordering this one .