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Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce

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Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce - This muiltinational award winning sauce is flying off the shelves. The famous sauce with the red velvet top goes well with all food groups. Fantastic with breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs. Great on fresh seafood, as a wing sauce or with turkey.

Ingredients: Water, Cane Sugar, Red Chili Puree, Peaches, Vinegar, Green Jalapeno Peppers, Salt, Vidalia Onions, Dehydrated Tomato, Cayenne Pepper, Xanthan Gum, Erythorbic Acid, Polysorbate 80, and Capsicum Oil.

Manufactured by Peppers

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Customer Reviews

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My father's favourite sauce.

A great sauce that is on the milder side of the scale. I got this sauce as a Christmas present as part of a "hot sauce of the month club" membership. It was a bit too mild for my preferences but my father tried it and kept it as his own. It is milder compared to Frank's and Tabasco sauce (to my experience), but if you can handle Frank's and Tabasco then you can handle this. This sauce is very flavourful and has a touch of sweetness that comes from the peaches listed in the ingredients. My father enjoys putting it on eggs. It is his favourite breakfast hot sauce. If you prefer a mild sauce then I highly recommend this.

Great sauce

Light on heat, but absolutely incredible flavour. One of my favourites.

My favourite hot sauce!!

My favourite hot sauce!!

The Awards don't lie! A staple in my fridge!

Just add it to your cart already! Actually add a couple, because you're going to use it! Steak, Pork Tenderloin, Chicken, even shrimp. Like some fine wines I think this one gets better and a little hotter with age. Perfect balance of heat, sweet, tang and just thick enough. 6 stars.

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Extra wing sauce

Just enough heat, really good Buffalo taste, one of my favorite wingsauce. Give it a try!

Great seasoning

I use this seasoning quite a bit , great stuff.

Not what I expected, but really good!

If I had wrote this review the day I bought this sauce, I probably would have given it a 4-star. But in the last two weeks since I bought this sauce, I’ve learned to really love it. Definitely not what I expected originally. But super happy I got it.

Hotter than expected, good for almost anything you’d expect to use hot-sauce on.

Great sauce! Nice flavour

Bought this sauce with a few others. This sauce is not too hot, the flavours really stand out. The pineapple blends great with the peppers and lime juice. Great taste, not just some heat..

Sauce of summer!

This sauce is amazing! It tastes incredible, smells delicious, and so far has gone great on everything. This sauce screams hot summer day. 10/10 will buy again