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Born To Hula Habanero Ancho Hot Sauce


This is a salsa style hot sauce with a Mexican tilt and a great vinegar punch. It has a little bit of everything - smoke, sweet, savory flavors & kick.

Ingredients: Red bell pepper, distilled vinegar, Ancho chile (Ancho chile, water, salt), red Habanero pepper, Orange Habanero pepper, garlic, onion powder, lime juice, cumin

All Natural

2013 Golden Chile Winner

Manufactured by Born To Hula


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A good quality hot sauce,

A good quality hot sauce, but lack in heat department which is great for those that want a kick with flavor. May purchase again in future.

This is a quality product.

This is a quality product. Great for those who love the flavour without too much heat. Almost a little too mild for my taste but I would buy it again.

Good tasting hot sauce for

Good tasting hot sauce for the heat.

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Hot but with a punch of flavour

I highly recommend both the heartbeat hot sauces (habenaro and jalapeno) - great on just about anything you like to make hot. I also recommend Chilly Chiles.

Tasty and addictive flavour... Not so hot though

The Heat: you would expect a Carolina Reaper product to be super hot. Sadly, the peanuts fall very short of being classified super hot. If you were to have a blind taste test, I would bet that most people would think that they were made with Jalapenos, arguably a Thai/Birdseye chili. What I like about the heat is that it's the subtle kind that doesn't punch you in the throat. It's enjoyable, and that ties in really well with the taste.

The Taste: I've had peanuts coated in sugar and honey before. Usually I'd classify them as good, but the flavour of these peanuts just harmonizes so well with the subtle and enjoyable heat. This is really the only reason that I gave these peanuts a 3/5.

Overall: A tasty product, but if they're going to advertise the use of Carolina Reapers, then they need to amp up the spice. It's likely why the Carolina Reaper is the 2nd last ingredient.


Great flavour but get ready for an ass kicking.

My absolute favorite

Has heat but is very flavorful. It's great on everything.


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