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Backdraft Hot Sauce

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Backdraft Hot Sauce - A sweet mustard hot sauce with lots of uses; try it on a roast beef or ham sandwich, marinate salmon or rainbow trout before grilling or add to egg and potato salads for extra zip.

Serve with: wings, chips, chicken fingers, shrimp, vegetables, tempura, jalapeno poppers, or anything else.

Ingredients: Sugar, Yellow Mustard, Water, Light Brown Sugar, Tomato Paste, Herbs, Spices, Salt, Natural Flavoring, Pepper, Habanero Pepper, and Natural Gum.

Manufactured by Trinidad Traders

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Backdraft Hot Sauce

Honey Dijon Heat

When I sampled this in the store, I immediately liked the flavour, but couldn't place the predominant taste. The ingredients don't say Honey or Dijon, but that's what it's like to me, and a nice steady, intermediate heat that lingers. I'll be getting more of this stuff.

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Heat Chart
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Slightly warm

No doubt about it this stuff is hot which is surprising, considering I eat the last dab redux on a daily basis. Same with hellfire fear this, I feel that da bomb final answer is way hotter than both of those. But it tastes disgusting.

Los Calientes

It's the most pleasureful pain I've ever experienced. And I'll do it over and over.

Nice Salsa

Don't buy any, save it all for me!

Still the best

I was there at the old Red Fox liars table when you first introduced this stuff , I am 74 now and still think it is the best in North America, had a feed tonight for supper with my Keith's and wings thanks for the best sauce around and thanks for all the great memories at the Fox

Taste is good, but no heat

Great flavor but I'd rate the heat more like a 2/10