Chev’s Hot Honey Habanero Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Chev's Hot Honey Habanero Hot Sauce $12.99
Chev's Hot Honey Habanero Hot Sauce adds a sweet and tangy kick to any recipe. Infused with honey and apple cider vinegar, this fiery hot sauce gives the perfect amount of Habanero heat for a delicious flavor on wings or any dish. Ingredients: Sugar (honey), Habanero peppers, apple cider vinegar. net weight: 150 ml   Manufactured by Chev's Hot Sauce Co
Hive Inferno Hotter Honey - Other
Hive Inferno Hotter Honey $17.99
Experience the unique, irresistible taste of Hive Inferno Hotter Honey. This small-batch, sustainably harvested Ontario honey is infused with bold hot peppers for a flavorful kick that will tantalize your taste buds. Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Ingredients: Honey, chili peppers. Net weight: 305 g
Hive On Fire Hot Honey - Other
Hive On Fire Hot Honey $17.99
Pure, sustainably harvested Ontario honey infused with hot peppers for just the right amount of sizzle. Drizzle on pizza, BBQ, savoury waffles and cheese!Ingredients: Honey, chilli peppers. Net weight: 305 grManufactured by Hive Gourmet
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Hot Ones Nugget Honey - Other
Hot Ones Nugget Honey $22.99
Sean Evans's favourite honey! American craft gin infused with Pepper X and blended into pure alfalfa honey for a deliciously smooth nugget honey where the heat lurks just under all the sweetness and sharp gin flavours.Ingredients: American alfalfa honey, Barr Hill Gin, Pepper X. Net weight: 255 gManufactured by Heatonist
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Hurt Berry Farm Nectar Of The Gods - Chili Infused Honey - Other
Hurt Berry Farm Nectar Of The Gods - Chili Infused Honey $15.99
The gods must be crazy to share this heavenly honey with us mere mortals. Unpasteurized wildflower honey is fired up with threads of Korean red chiles and Habanero flakes. Ingredients: Unpasteurized Ontario wildflower honey, dried Habanero flakes, Korean red chili threads. Net weight: 250 g Manufactured by Hurt Berry Farm
Mike’s Hot Honey 24oz Chef’s Bottle - Condiments
Mike's Hot Honey 24oz Chef's Bottle $40.99
Hot honey have become a big thing in recent years, adding natural sweetness and heat to a wide range of food stuffs. Drizzle on pizza, ice cream, chicken wings, waffles & pancakes, yoghurt, salmon, ribs & oatmeal. Have fun experimenting with cocktails, mulled cider, teas and desserts! Ingredients: Honey, chili peppers, vinegar. Mike's Hot Honey   Manufactured by 
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PexPeppers Killer Swarm Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
PexPeppers Killer Swarm Hot Sauce $16.99
Intense, sweet heat - this hot sauce takes some very simple ingredients and turns them into a rollercoaster of a taste experience. Ingredients: Red 7 Pot chile mash (Red 7 Pot chiles, vinegar), vinegar, honey, lime juice. Net weight: 148 ml Manufactured by PexPeppers
Salted Hive Salted Honey - Other
Salted Hive Salted Honey $17.99
Fresh Ontario wildflower honey infused with sea salt. This is how you dunk your chicken nuggets in style:Ingredients: wildflower honey, sea salt. Net weight: 375 grManufactured by Hive Gourmet
Smoky Hive Smoked Honey - Other
Smoky Hive Smoked Honey $17.99
Sustainably produced Ontario honey infused with smoke for the perfect condiment. Serve with charcuterie boards or cheese trays, barbecue and pancakes.Ingredients: Honey, natural smoke, lemon, garlic, onion. Net weight: 305 grManufactured by Hive Gourmet
Tabanero Sriracha Honey - Other
Tabanero Sriracha Honey $16.99
The combination of spicy & sweet is what makes this honey ideal for drizzling over ice cream, pancakes, waffles and pizza. For the adventurous palate, try adding it to a cup of steaming chai or an Oldfashioned! Ingredients: Chili peppers, pure honey, agave, sugar, water, garlic, salt, vinegar, key lime juice. Net weight: 340 g   Manufactured by Tabanero