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Hellfire Fiery Fool Hot Sauce

July 21, 2018

   As many of you know by now, I love food and all that is spicy. And I’ve been asking myself how one could pick a favourite cheese, wine, pasta, or hot sauce for that matter? It’s definitely not easy especially when there’s so much to appreciate and discover. I could never say that I have a favourite hot sauce. I have enjoyed hundreds and hundreds over the years, many of which I found to be quite memorable. This being said, Fiery Fool Hot Sauce by Hellfire may just be in my top five favourite superhot-based hot sauces on the market today. It’s not every day that I can enjoy the flavour of four different superhot peppers in one fresh gourmet product. This is a sauce that can do wonders in all kinds of dishes that need some extra heat. It can be enjoyed by those who appreciate a sauce with fiery heat, but also an equally strong flavour!

   Here are the four superhot chiles used in this sauce. The Red 7-pot Primo, with its fruity and floral flavour, the Carolina Reaper, providing a sweet and fruity taste, the Bhut Jolokia, also known as the Ghost pepper, having an earthy-sweet bite, and finally the Trinidad Scorpion, which has tender fruity and sweet notes. It’s worth noting that this product contains a pure mash ratio of over 80%! Handle with caution!

   The apple cider vinegar adds a nice pungency that naturally complements the fresh ingredients, better so than regular white vinegar would. The sun-dried tomatoes add a sweet-tart quality to the overall flavour profile. This taste compliments the fresh fruity and earthy flavours of the superhot chiles.  The garlic does bring a subtle zing into the mix, and let’s be honest, garlic, as one of the most common ingredients in most hot sauces, is always good! The cumin taste is not very noticeable, but I can understand why its earthy and nutty flavour fits well in the mix! It’s a very thick sauce, almost like the consistency of a puree, which is indicative of how many fresh chiles are in it! It actually makes it easier to pour out in smaller, careful amounts. Don’t shake it too hard!

   In terms of heat I give this sauce a very solid 9 out of 10. It is extremely hot and should only be enjoyed a few drops at a time, even for crazy capsaicin lovers like myself! The burn of the sauce is slow and steady and I can honestly say that for anyone who is not a hardcore chile head this sauce is at least an 11 out of 10! I generally reserve 10 out of 10 ratings for extract sauces, which tend to burn more violently, and thus are not as enjoyable or flavourful.

   Enjoy Fiery Fool in a multitude of ways!  Put a drop or two in your tacos, chilis, burgers, burritos, soups, grilled cheese, sandwiches, rice, on nachos, and stuffed peppers and onions too. I’ve also mixed this sauce in with mayo, sour cream, hummus, and even added it into salsa for an extra jolt of flavour and heat! Its taste and heat really shines through when added to curries, stir fries, wing sauce, marinades, pasta, meatballs, and Bloody Marys to name a few! Its tangy, fruity, and fresh flavour can be paired in small amounts with almost anything. Maybe not ice cream though…

   Hellfire is a world-class producer of hot sauces. Companies like this one can be hard to find, given that their sauces are artisan-crafted, made with only the freshest ingredients. I highly recommend you check out their whole lineup of sauces on our website. They offer such a delicious variety of gourmet sauces and are all worth looking into. Come by one of our store locations and give Hellfire Fiery Fool Hot Sauce a try!

As always, keep it spicy!



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