Truff Red Hot Sauce


Truff Red Hot Sauce


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If you love truffles (the mushroom) and heat this hot sauce is for you. Same sultry flavour as the Original Truff but with extra heat and slightly less sweet it has the same smooth, silky texture as well. A tasting table favourite, it's as versatile as it is delicious; toss chicken wings, drizzle over pizza and pasta, spice up a Caesar or Bloody Mary, marinate chicken or glaze salmon. There is no wrong way to enjoy Truff!

Ingredients: TRUFF Chili blend, (Red chili peppers, vinegar, organic sugar, garlic, salt, Black Truffle and Black Truffle powder concentrate), Jalapeno pepper, olive oil infused with Black Truffle essence, organic agave nectar, water, Red Habanero powder, lycopene and glycerin (for colour), citric acid, organic cumin, organic coriander, xanthan gum

Manufactured by Truff Hot Sauce

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lauren Mair-Kennedy (Toronto, CA)
Awesome sauce

Speedy shipping and awesome products, very pleased!

Jon (Montreal, CA)
Awesome Sauce

So delicious. I only wish it were a little hotter. It'll be in every order from now on.

Melissa J Beler (Brampton, CA)

Had a great variety, and super speedy delivery! Very happy!

mnicholson (Ottawa, CA)
truff red hot sauce

I love hot sauces and this is hands down my favorite. Costs a bit more than the average, but worth every penny. It is a staple on my shelf

Justin (Ottawa, CA)
Worth a try and makes a great gift!

She’s thick and saucy with a good amount of spice to get the job done. The truffle flavors are the right amount without it being overpowering.

There’s a leisurely amount of heat that holds onto your lips after you’ve had a few encounters with her.

Finally she gets a little messy under the cap after you shake the bottle. Often I’m having to clean her up so she looks presentable next time.