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Truff Black Truffle Oil

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A kitchen pantry must-have for anybody who loves to cook, this earthy Black Truffle infused olive oil will allow you to expand your repertoire to include savoury sauces, mind blowing dressings and dips and exciting kinds of pasta.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Black Truffle oil concentrate, Black Winter Truffle [Tuber Melanosporum]. Net weight: 177 ml

Manufactured by Truff

Customer Reviews

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Chris Deutscher (Champ de tir et champ de manoeuvre Mont Saint Bruno, CA)
Must have!

We now need to have this available at all times. It’s phenomenal.

Joshua Desjarlais (Gatineau, CA)
It makes food fancy

It does not take much for this oil to really make a food item pop with flavour. So for the price, it can stretch.

I've been mostly using this is soups and stews, before serving I will drizzle a few drops on top of the dish to give it some sparkle, and really set off the flavour profile.

The oil will also help you absorb whatever nutrients are in your veggies, so it's a great win win.

I hope to try this in burgers soon, pasta sauces, really anything that can use that savoury fancy flavour profile added by the Black Truffle Oil.