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Hellhound Ghost Pepper Sauce

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 A hot sauce made for mustard lovers, Hellhound brings together Dijon mustard and Ghost peppers for a heat/flavor combo without equal.

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, sugar, onions, Habanero peppers, Ghost peppers, garlic, spices, xanthan gum. 

Manufactured by Sauce Crafters

Customer Reviews

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Tastey sauce with an interesting heat profile

This sauce starts out with a mellow mustard flavour on the fore tongue and adds the habernaro mid miuth heat that builds nicely and fairly quickly.After that starts to peak you start to get the slow creeping glow of the ghost peepers that spreads through your body and lasts for a good while.
Very nice higher heat sauce without the hasrhness of overdone sauces with extracts in the list.

Good Sauce for steak dipping

This is a goog tasting sauce for dipping your steak into. Just wish there was a heat rating on this page. It is not as hot as I thought it would be but it does have a good flavor. Would be nice if they took the time to at least put a scoville rating in every bottle or at least the product page. When we are looking for heat we would like to know what it is actually rated. I will say again this is a good tasting sauce.

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Not just a wing sauce

Amazing rounded sauce. Nice heat. Flavorful. Buy this one.

Love the hot sauces, love the service

- Great communication throughout
- Fast shipping (as soon as they could: there was a delay due to extreme cold weather, which they communicated to me)
- Everything arrived safely
- Overall, I can't wait to purchase again

Great service and great selection

I had great service from Nick for coordinating shipping post purchase. The packaging the sauces came in was done in a very secure manner and I was extremely pleased. I didn't try the sauces as they were gifts but I just want to review on the excellent service I received.

New fav

This is my new #1. Delicious!

So addictive!

I've purchased numerous cans of these nuts. Very fresh and they taste great. Just the right amount of heat, even for those who like mildly spiced food.