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Dirty Dick's Peachy Green Hot Sauce

This is an amazing hot sauce for the discerning foodie who puts flavour first. Its delectable blend of peppers, citrus, exotic fruits and spices topped off with vanilla and saffron makes it a fantastic weapon in the fight against bland food!

Ingredients: Fresh Serrano & Jalapeno Peppers, Peaches, Bell Peppers, Vinegar, Fresh Scallions, Honey, Lemon, Lime & Pineapple Juices, Brown Sugar, Exotic Spices, Vanilla & Saffron.

Manufactured by Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce

Customer Reviews

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Really nice

Love it! So fruity

A great conversation starter at the dinner table

This sauce is not to blah nor not too hot on the heat scale. It is just right for everything from wings to your morning eggs. The flavor of peaches is perfect not to much or too little.

Great on curry!

This is not a hot, hot sauce by any means, but it has lots of great flavours and is delicious on other spicy foods. We use it to replace mango chutney when we eat Indian curries.

My new favorite

Got this in a 3 pack of Dick's sauce's as Dirty Dick's was my favorite. Now the Peachy Green is #1.


Excellent poured on peanut butter with toast!

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Yummy Mustard Pickle Hot Sauce is a great flavor.

Dawson Original Hot Sauce

Smells good. Tastes good. Hot as hell. But manageable.
-Backyard Variety Tour

The toe was damn hot!!!

The toe of satan is friggin so hot. It's one thing to eat something hot and swallow it. The toe is 9 million scolville but you are sucking on it. Need I say more!!! Picture was for fun but that was about 20 mins after!!

Perfect if you like strong vinegar-y sauces.

So my partner loves this sauce, but she loves kimchi and all things vinegar/acid-y. So I'm giving this 4 stars based on her opinion.

The normal Hellfire Detroit is one of my favorite sauces of all time for reference; however Bourbon Habanero Ghost is too tart/acidy for my taste, its also considerably hotter (which is welcome for some but a difference to note), I'd say 40% hotter than normal hellfire.

Good flavour with lingering heat

This is a pretty darn hot sauce, but the underlying flavour is still noticeable. This is a good one to have in your collection for those liking a strong kick now and then.