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Death Nut Challenge 3.0

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter, here comes Blazing Foods Death Nut 3.0 to prove you wrong. Where the 2.0 version "only" used 13 million SHU capsaicin crystals to jack up the heat, this one goes all the way and hits you up with 16 million SHU!

Ingredients: Virginia peanuts, pure cane sugar, Carolina Reaper peppers, 7 Pot Primo peppers, peppers (Datil, West Indies Scotch Bonnet, Ghost [Bhut Jolokia], 7 Pot Brain Strain, 7 Pot Douglah, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion), 16 m pure all-natural capsaicin crystals, salt, spice. Net weight: 65 gr

Manufactured by Blazing Foods

Customer Reviews

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Henry Edwards (Kitchener, CA)
Death Nut - Family Fun

Family of pepper heads, my kids like trying hot food and of course out-doing each other. We did this as a family, not following the included rules, but was a fun family event. The nuts are definitely hot! We saved a few of each level and tried them individually later - they have pretty good flavor as well as extreme heat.

Jeff (Burnaby, CA)
Spicy and Fun

This game packs a punch. Played this with some friends and have to say it’s the hottest thing we’ve had. We’ve tried the death chip variations and had most of the “Hot Ones” sauces, but this was the hottest. Heat doesn’t last long either so the game is quick and dissipates. Flavour was surprisingly decent too on some of the nuts as we were just expecting pure spice with no flavour. It was so good I bought a second pack to play again with a different group of friends.