Ass Kickin’ Chipotle Honey Peanuts - Snacks
Ass Kickin' Chipotle Honey Peanuts $12.99
Sweet as the southwest itself. A perfect blend of honey and chipotle seasoning make this a taste like no other. Includes a great recipe for Chipotle Honey Peanut Brittle. Ingredients: Peanuts roasted in Peanut Oil, Sugar, Honey, Salt, Modified Potato Starch, Chipotle Seasoning (Honey Powder, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy Flour, Spice, Paprika and Natural Smoke Flavor) and Xanthan Gum. Manufactured by Southwest Specialty Food Check out our recipe for Ass Kickin' Chipotle Honey Peanut Brittle!
Born To Hula Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Born To Hula Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce $12.99
A gluten and sugar-free hot sauce this delicious is hard to find. A nicely layered flavour profile paired with low, slow heat. A great starter sauce for beginners!  Ingredients: Diced tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice, salt), distilled vinegar, Cayenne pepper mash (Cayenne peppers, salt), water, roasted garlic (garlic, water), Chipotle peppers, onion powder, lime juice from concentrate. 148 ml Distributed by Born To Hula
Bourbon Q Gold Reserve Roasted Garlic and Chipotle BBQ Sauce - BBQ Sauce
Bourbon Q Gold Reserve Roasted Garlic and Chipotle BBQ Sauce $12.99
Smoky Chipotle and sweet, roasted garlic add an extra dimension of flavour to this classic Southern-style barbecue sauce. Select aged Kentucky bourbon and premium hot sauce provides a solid flavour base with a smoky, charred aspect and simmering heat. Ingredients: Tomato sauce (water, tomato paste, sugar, salt), vinegar, sugar, red wine vinegar, molasses, hot sauce (peppers, vinegar, salt), fresh garlic with oil, fresh onion, spices, modified food starch, paprika, Worcestershire (distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel colour, garlic powder sugar, spices, anchovies and natural flavourings), natural hickory flavouring, Chipotle pepper, cured anchovies with salt (de-fatted soy flour and water), aged Kentucky bourbon (0.12%), thickener (xanthan gum), pepper. 375 ml Manufactured by KY BourbonQ 
CaJohns Black Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
CaJohns Black Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce $13.99
Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon paired with subtle vanilla and tart black cherries makes this Chipotle hot sauce stand out in the crowd. Smooth, smoky, sweet and with an extra kick from red Habanero peppers.  Ingredients: Brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, red Habañero chiles, tomato paste, infused bourbon (Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon, black cherries, vanilla beans), Chipotle chiles, salt, spices & natural applewood smoke flavouring. 148 ml Manufactured by CaJohn
CaJohns Black Garlic Chipotle Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
CaJohns Black Garlic Chipotle Hot Sauce $14.99
A rich & fragrant blend of Fresno peppers, black garlic and Chipotle peppers. Excellent for everything BBQ! Ingredients: Fresno pepper, apple cider vinegar, sweet soy sauce (sugar, water, salt, soybeans, wheat), brown sugar, Chipotle pepper, black garlic powder, garlic powder, Cayenne powder, salt Manufactured by Cajohn's
CaJohns Chipotle Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
CaJohns Chipotle Hot Sauce $12.99
A milder, sweeter take on this hugely popular chile flavour. Great for your burrito, but outstanding as a finishing sauce for grilled or barbequed items. It's great on meat but is equally as flavorful on veggies. Mix it with ranch dressing for a great dip. This sauce is a two time Cajun Hot Sauce Festival Grand Champion, beating all of Louisiana's well know favourites! Ingredients: Brown sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, Chipotle chiles, corn starch, salt, spices. Manufactured by CaJohns 
CaJohns Select Chipotle Puree - Spice/Peppers
CaJohns Select Chipotle Puree $12.99
With 80% pepper solids this hot sauce guarantees that you get the full, rich smoky Chipotle flavour without any interference. Ingredients: Chipotle chiles, distilled vinegar, citric acid, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), to preserve colour.  148 ml Manufactured by CaJohns 
Chicks Dig Me Mango Chipotle Grilling Sauce - BBQ Sauce
Chicks Dig Me Mango Chipotle Grilling Sauce $12.99
This fruity BBQ sauce has a touch of smoke and low heat, making it ideal for dipping chicken nuggets, glaze shrimp and salmon or as a condiment for a Hawaiian burger! Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, mango seasoning (sugar, salt, spices, modified food starch, citric acid, chipotle chilli pepper, dehydrated bell pepper, yeast extract, natural flavours [including mango], malic acid, oleoresin paprika and silicon dioxide to prevent caking), food starch - modified, Worcestershire sauce (distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel colour, garlic powder, sugar, spices, anchovies, tamarind and natural flavour), pineapple juice (water, pineapple juice concentrate, ascorbic acid [Vitamin C], spice. Net weight: 355 ml Manufactured by Kentucky BourbonQ
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Chile Chipotle Powder - Spice/Peppers
Chile Chipotle Powder $10.99
 A Chipotle is a smoke-dried Jalapeno, its mild heat and rich, smoky flavour has made it one of the most commonly used hot peppers. Manufactured by Los Chileros
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Chipotle Del Sol Smokin’ Hot Sauce
Chipotle Del Sol Smokin' Hot Sauce $10.99
By using chipotles in adobo sauce the makers of this hot sauce have created a product that stands out with its rich, smoky taste, tantalizing aroma and lovely thick texture. Ideal for mixing with mayo for a zesty chip & french fry dip. Ingredients: Water, Tomato sauce (water, tomato paste, salt, citric acid, onion powder, red pepper), Chipotle Adobo sauce (chipotle peppers, water, vinegar, sugar, tomato paste, artifical smoke flavor, xanthan gum, onion, garlic), Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, (wine vinegar, grape must, Concentrated grape must, caramel color) Brown Sugar, xanthan gum, cumin seeds, garlic, salt. Manufactured by Sgt. Pepper's
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Chipotle Rub & Mix - Spice/Peppers
Chipotle Rub & Mix $9.99
A bold and smoky rub with classic Chipotle flavour, ideal for seasoning brisket, pork shoulder, chicken and ground beef for tacos or chili. Low sodium (1%) & sugar free. Ingredients: New Mexico chile, chipotle, ancho, onion, garlic, salt, other spices. Net weight: 56 g   Manufactured by Los Chileros
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Chipotle Whole Dried Chile - Spice/Peppers
Chipotle Whole Dried Chile $13.99
Soak in warm water for 10-15 min. to reconstitute or use whole in a pepper mill for fresh ground Chipotle flakes. Manufactured by Los Chileros
Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce $9.99
A mild, smoky hot sauce that is great on just about anything. Add to eggs, tacos, pizza, BBQ, soups and dips. Ingredients: Water, sugars (sugar, concentrated apple cider), dried chili peppers (Chipotle, Arbol, Guajillo, Piquin), salt, vinegar, natural flavour, xanthan gum, spices, garlic powder. 150 ml Manufactured by Cholula
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Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle Hot Sauce $17.99
** Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle has been discontinued by the manufacturer and there will not be any more made. It has been replaced by Los Calientes  Do feel free to check out the rest of our Hot Ones Collection ** This hot sauce was created with one goal in mind: to get celebrity interviewees on Hot Ones to say "damn that's tasty, and DAMN that's HOT!" and then spill their deepest secrets to host Sean Evans. The tongue tingling flavors of chipotle, pineapple and lime please the palate while the mix of ghost and habanero peppers make this sauce a scorcher. Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle Hot Sauce is a spicy masterpiece. Ingredients: Pineapple, Chipotle Peppers, Habanero, Carrot, Vinegar, Sugar, Curry Paste, Tomato Paste,Salt, Lime Juice, Ghost Pepper (dried) Manufactured by Homeboy's Hot Sauce  
Howitzer Smoked Chili Infused Bourbon Mash Maple Syrup - Other
Howitzer Smoked Chili Infused Bourbon Mash Maple Syrup $27.99
We don't even know how to accurately describe this amazing maple syrup! Grade A Pure Dark maple syrup carefully blended with Canadian bourbon mash whiskey and Chipotle peppers. Pour over ice cream and pancakes, into coffee and cocktails, marinate venison and turkey, add a smoky sweetness to dressings and sauces. Ingredients: Pure Grade A dark Ontario maple syrup*, freshly squeezed lemon juice, less than 2% of Canadian Bourbon mash whiskey, Chipotle chili flakes Manufactured by Hurt Berry Farm