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Culley’s Brutality Hot Sauce

July 23, 2019

Now this one really intrigued me. I’ve been a fan of Culley’s products for a number of years now, and the name of this sauce and its label really caught my attention. They also state on the label that this is their hottest sauce yet. I will say it is PRETTY HOT! It got me sweating a few times when I was a bit too generous with it on my tacos! You guys also know that I’m a sucker for fresh taste and interesting ingredient combinations. Therefore, I can honestly say that Brutality also delivers in the flavour department as well! It serves as more proof that flavour does not need to be sacrificed to make room for blistering heat. You can have both! This is a very pepper-forward sauce, meaning that much of what you will taste is the fresh superhots. What’s more, this sauce is actually gluten free, vegan, and low sugar.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, have a look at the box set for this sauce which we also carry. It comes with a classy box and shiny serving spoon! Makes for a great gift for a true hot sauce aficionado!

The flavour profile of Brutality is sweet, tropical, savoury, and fruity. Reaper pepper, Jolokia (Ghost) pepper, and Trinidad scorpion pepper mash bring all the scorching heat with a fresh fruity quality. Apple cider vinegar preserves the sauce with a light sourness while the coconut palm sugar, a healthy alternative to most other sweeteners given that it’s low on the glycemic index, helps make this one decently sweet. Onions and roasted red peppers add some sweetness and a chunkier consistency while the passionfruit concentrate and fresh mango bring even more sweetness as well as light, tropical fruity notes. Water balances out the consistency and flavours of the sauce while just the right amount of salt is included. When a sauce is too salty, I find it can often overpower not only the other ingredients, but also the dish it’s being added to. The garlic in the sauce is noticeable upon tasting, adding another layer of flavour. Citric acid and Lemon juice act as preservatives while also complementing the fruits and peppers with its citrusy taste. Chia seed powder acts as a natural, healthy thickener. This is actually the first time I come across this ingredient in all my years of hot sauce tasting and exploration. So, I’ve got to hand it to Culley’s for thinking outside the box in choosing this healthy alternative to xanthan gum.

In terms of heat, this one gets a soft 8 out of 10 from me. It would be a solid 8 if it weren’t sweet, which brings down the heat just a tad. I’m a sucker for sweet-heat sauces, especially ones that pack a good punch. If this is the case for you and you can handle habanero-based sauces like a champ, then DEFINITELY give this one a try! It’s a slow burn, but the balanced and pleasant flavour will keep you coming back for more!

Add some Brutality to all your favourite dishes. Add a couple of drops or more to your soups, tacos, salads, pasta, guacamole, seafood, chicken or beef skewers, fried tofu, cheese, subs, stir fries, grilled veggies and more! Make your meals more BRUTAL. By that, of course, I mean brutally delicious and spicy!

Come by one of our store locations and give Culley’s Brutality Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it HOT!


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2566 reviews
Great Flavour

Ordered this originally from Heatonist in the states but it quickly became one of my favourites. It has some of the best flavour I've experienced in a hot sauce without being too hot overall, but it offers a nice kick. Used it on everything from pizza, chicken, steak, veggies, rice, fish, and more.

High River Sauces Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce

Quebec sauce

Great tasty sauce to use with seafood skewers like shrimp. Mild heat so you can eat lots of it but still has a little kick to it. Nothing about burning your mouth though.

The sauce of summer

I love this sauce so much. Wonderful taste.

Los Cali

Great all around sauce