Maritime Madness One Chunk Challenge


Maritime Madness One Chunk Challenge


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A Carolina Reaper Brittle With A Lovely Ghost Pepper Coating, Are You Up For The Challenge? 

This is not your Grandma's peanut brittle. Peanuts, real butter, and Carolina Reapers all in one bite with Ghost Pepper to top it off. Delicious right? Well, maybe not, but WE'D LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU THINK! Join us on Facebook @maritimemadness & @chillychiles and post your pics and videos!

The One Chunk Challenge is intended for 18+ only and is done at your own risk. Taking the challenge is probably not the best idea you've had today.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Real Butter, Spices, Baking Soda

Customer Reviews

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Great heat challenge for starters

This Challenge Peanut Brittle actually taste good then the heat starts and once your done it rises. Fun challenge for beginner pepper heads. And for taste value they get full stars. Now on to the next challenge

Er (Stittsville, CA)
1 Chunk Challenge 🔥

I ate my 2nd 1 Chunk last night. My channel is Fire In The Hole! we visited PEI this Summer and stopped by the Maritime Madness storefront. Lots of great stuff!! I bought a pure extract called The Kraken (1mil shu!) and we bought bacon brittle and Ghost pepper brittle, both amazingly delicious, these guys make some GREAT stuff!
The 1 Chunk is a Reaper brittle with Ghost powder added. Make no mistake this thing is 🔥. It tastes amazingly good too! I would highly recommend not eating it on an empty stomach and chew ot it up thoroughly to avoid the "cap cramps". That said I would encourage any chile head to give it a go!! Great flavor and brutal heat!

An EveryDay Canadian (YouTube) (Sarnia, CA)
Amazing Product

Fast Shipping, Great Product, Very Hot! Highly Recommended.

Landon Brass (White Rock, CA)
Stomach pains over and over...

I would recommend this wholeheartedly but after my experience I'd say do not, for the love of God, eat this thing unless you crave insane amounts of recurring stomachs pain and spiritual regret.

It's fine at the beginning, tasty actually with a nice initial mouth and throat burn but the satanic embers begin about 2-5 minutes after and flourish with terrible abandon for HOURS afterwards. I had to lie down for an hour and thought the cramps had finally finished their unrelenting grinding assault.

How wrong I was.

When I foolishly thought the unending pain had subsided I drove my 2 young kids to a birthday party, only 15 minutes away. Halfway through though I experienced an oncoming annoyance I felt my will could overcome. Mild sweating initially, followed by a steaming, angry swell deep in my intestinal tract up to my gut and my soul. I tried with great effort to subside the inevitable but alas my strength faltered and failed epically.

My daughter insisted we turn around, head back home or to a hospital as she was well aware of my turmoil, palpable and terrifying for one so young and naive of the stupidity of a grown adult's need for acceptance of accomplishment, however idiotic it may seem.

In the end we made it and I'm glad we did but it was an experience I would never wish upon my worse enemy.

10/10 but please, for the love of all that is Holy don't eat this abomination unless you're comfortable being extremely UNCOMFORTABLE.

Brian Schiffer (Saskatoon, CA)
insanely hot

I'd be giving this the hottest heat rating possible. It burns as more than the death nuts or anything at or above reaper levels. Definitely has a lot of reaper powder and maybe even some extract! It even made me cry and I only ate 1/4 of a chunk!