Tapatio Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Tapatio Hot Sauce £6.00
***AS SEEN ON HOT ONES*** If you've ever vacationed in Mexico you probably recognize this hot sauce, a staple at most restaurants south of the border. Ingredients: Water, red peppers, salt, spices, garlic, acetic acid, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate Manufactured by Tapatio Foods LLC
Los Calientes Verde/Rojo/Barbacoa 3pk - Hot Sauce
Los Calientes Verde/Rojo/Barbacoa 3pk £36.00
Try all three versions of Los Calientes in this money saving 3pk. Great taste & great value! Los Calientes Verde Los Calientes Rojo Los Calientes Barbacoa   Manufactured by Heatonist
Cadejo Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Cadejo Hot Sauce £14.00
AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 20 Nowhere near as scary as the mythical creature on the label, this mild hot sauce features a well balanced combination of Habanero peppers, mango and fresh cracked black pepper. Aromatic, smooth with just the right touch of sweetness, pairing it is a breeze: pizza, tacos, cheese boards, seafood and salads. Ingredients: White vinegar, mango, onion, carrot, Habanero pepper, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika. Net weight: 147 ml Manufactured by Donis
Hot Ones The Classic 3pk - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones The Classic 3pk £36.00
SAVE ON HOT ONES   Stock up on this clean, classic Louisiana style hot sauce which might just be the most versatile sauce ever. Add liberally to everything you eat for a satisfying combination of heat and flavour but don't sleep on using it as an ingredient in everything from homemade Buffalo wing sauce to zesty bolognese. Each pack contains 3 Hot Ones The Classic
Hot Ones Jr The Red Sauce
Hot Ones Jr The Red Hot Sauce £12.00
Stepping up the heat a touch by adding Ghost peppers, this hot sauce is still great for kids and anybody who's been hesitant to take the next step up in heat. A tart, robust flavour profile makes it a great all-around type sauce that pairs with most foods. Ingredients: Red pepper, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, carrot, distilled vinegar, water, olive oil, annatto, beets, sea salt, Smokin' Ed's Ghost pepper powder. Net weight: 177 ml   Manufactured for Heatonist  
Lengua De Fuego Turmeric Bomb Hot Sauce
Lengua De Fuego Turmeric Bomb Hot Sauce £17.00
***AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 19*** Aromatic medium heat is presented in this Honduran hot sauce. Created with attention to how heat and flavours interact, the bold turmeric travels really well with the lingering Ghost pepper heat. Aguardiente is a traditional spirits with Spanish roots that add a hint of sweetness. Pair with breakfast foods, stir fries, rice and vegetables. Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet pepper mash (Scotch Bonnet pepper and vinegar), Chocolate Ghost pepper mash (Chocolate Bhut Jolokia pepper and vinegar), Jalapeno pepper mash (Jalapeno pepper and vinegar), Honduran hard liquor, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, ginger root, turmeric, garlic, superhot pepper mash (Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion peppers and vinegar), spices and salt. Net weight: 148 ml Manufactured by Lengua De Fuego 
Puckerbutt Unique Garlique Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Puckerbutt Unique Garlique Hot Sauce £21.00
***AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 19*** Holding down the fort at the #9 spot in the lineup is another hot sauce crafted by evil genius Smokin' Ed Currie, creator of the worlds hottest peppers. Ed's love of garlic and heat shines through without taking over from the fragrant Italian seasonings. There's heat aplenty from a sinister blend of Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and 7-Pot Primo peppers but there's also plenty of room on the dance floor for flavour. Pair with pizza, garlic bread, lasagna, eggplant Parm and lots more. Ingredients: Chile peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt, onion, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, Italian seasoning. Net weight: 148 ml Manufactured by Puckerbutt
Hot Ones Jr The Sauce
Hot Ones Jr The Yellow Hot Sauce £12.00
You have mastered the Mild hot sauces, now it's time to graduate to something a little hotter, like this bright Scotch Bonnet sauce. Pineapple brings sweetness, lime juice adds a touch of acidity and turmeric compliments the savoury pepper.  SUGAR FREE Ingredients: Yellow bell peppers, pineapple, mango, onion, distilled vinegar, lime juice, Scotch Bonnet peppers, salt, olive oil, garlic, turmeric, ginger. Net weight: 6 oz   Manufactured by Heatonist
Collards n Ghost Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Collards n Ghost Hot Sauce £14.00
***AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 18*** A vegan, gluten-free, small batch hot sauce with a beautiful combination of flavour and heat. Get your daily dose of leafy greens combined with smooth Ghost pepper heat! Ingredients: Collard greens, Ghost peppers, extra virgin olive oil, onion, apple cider vinegar, garlic, brown sugar, salt, water. Net weight: 141 g   Manufactured by Hot N Saucy
Hot Ones Jr The Green Sauce
Hot Ones Jr The Green Hot Sauce £12.00
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the subtle heat & flavour of this zippy little hot sauce, a healthy blend of fruits & veggies makes it a great condiment for everyone! Ingredients: Green apple, apple juice, sweet onion, lime juice, baby spinach, apple cider vinegar, jalapeno peppers, banana, kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil. Net weight: 6 oz   Distributed by Heatonist
Dawson’s Cedar Smoked Garlic Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Dawson's Cedar Smoked Garlic Hot Sauce £9.00
***AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 17!*** Bold & savoury, with tons of personality, this hot sauce is exactly what we've come to expect from Dawson's. The care that goes into the development of their sauces really shows in this one, perfectly paired flavours are balanced against a nice, low medium heat making it accessible to most. Pair this with big flavours such as salmon, wild game, duck and old cheeses. Ingredients: White wine vinegar, habanero, garlic, onion, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, sumac. 155 ml Manufactured by Dawson's
Angry Goat The Phoenix Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Angry Goat The Phoenix Hot Sauce £14.00
***AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 17*** A hot sauce with cantaloupe...? If anyone was going to succeed with that recipe, it would be Angry Goat. Their sauces are some of the most original and quirky blends of unusual ingredients that somehow always end up being unexpectedly delicious! Ingredients:   Cantaloupe melon, distilled white vinegar, lime juice, yellow Scotch Bonnet mash (peppers, vinegar), orange blossom honey, peaches, sweet onions, olive oil, ginger root, datil pepper powder, salt, garlic powder. Net weight: 148 ml Manufactured by Angry Goat
Fresco Chile De Arbol Hot Sauce
Fresco Chile De Arbol Hot Sauce £14.00
AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 12!A tasty and mild hot sauce with sweet mango and Arbol chilies, this subtle but delicious sauce was a hit with the guests on the show.Pair with Southwest or Mexican cuisine or be bold and try it with ice cream and salads!Ingredients: Water, red bell peppers, red wine vinegar, mangos, garlic, Arbol chilies, salt, black pepper. Net weight: 148 mlManufactured by Fresco Sauce
Hot Heads Revolutionary Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Hot Heads Revolutionary Hot Sauce £14.00
AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 16Don't be intimated by the Scorpion pepper in this delightful hot sauce, it holds the #5 spot in the lineup so the heat hovers around a pleasant medium. Bold flavours blend sweet, tangy and salty in a way that'll have you craving more. Ingredients: Fire roasted bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, sweet onion, Trinidad Scorpion pepper, red bell pepper, tomato paste, garlic, olive oil, sugar, blue agave, pink Himalayan sea salt, Sichuan & pink peppercorn, lime juice. Net weight: 148 ml
Hellfire Kranked Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Hellfire Kranked Hot Sauce £15.00
AS SEEN ON HOT ONES SEASON 16Sitting solidly at the #9 in the lineup, this hot sauce kranks up the volume on both heat and flavour. Bold black garlic, savoury curry and intense Carolina Reaper deliver a solid punch to the tastebuds and might make you break out in a pepper sweat!Ingredients:  Reaper pepper mash (Reaper peppers, vinegar), apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, black garlic, garlic (garlic, water), sea salt, brown sugar (cane sugar and molasses), chili powder, cumin, onions, black pepper, curry powder (spices, turmeric, salt, contains mustard), oregano, paprika, ginger, cloves, turmeric, lemon juice from concentrate, lime juice from concentrate. Net weight: 148 mlManufactured by Hellfire