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Hot Ones Hits No 3

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Hot Ones heavyweights, these three hot sauces from the popular YouTube show, pack serious heat backed up by solid flavour profiles.

Torchbearer Son of Zombie, although developed as a wing sauce, goes really well on pizza, burgers, pasta and popcorn as well thanks to it's savoury/sweet flavours that linger just as long as the heat.

Mad Dog 357, the Original 357 000 SHU hot sauce is responsible for putting a lot of guys in sweat & tears. Once the heat has let go a little you can appreciate the flavours of Habanero and spices.

Hellfire Fiery Fool is an animal that should be approached cautiously. A hot sauce that has Red 7 Pot Primo, Ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers as its first 3 ingredients needs to be taken seriously. 

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Pieterse (Toronto, CA)

Hot Ones Hits No 3

Winston Churchill (Newmarket, CA)

Amazing assortment of hot sauces. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mad Dog 357, It left me with a serious case of "Ring of fire". The wife said she could still taste in when she went down to lick the brown eye the next night. She too loved the experience. 10/10 would recommend.

Terry Laporte (Amhertsburg, CA)

Very happy with how easy to order and shipping was great.
Purchased for a Christmas have not tried yet

Tim (Trenton, CA)
Satisfyingly Hot

This package is a great addition to the fridge door shelf. Lots of heat with great flavor profile. Mad Dog 357 will make your butthole burn but all in all at 357000 scovells you get what you deserve!

A David Dunn (Apsley, CA)
Good combination

Had a great time with friends working through several hot sauces, including these three. I am a big fan of 357 and Son of Zombie, but it will take another taste to have a verdict for Fiery Fool. Well worth the price.