Hot Ones 3pk Last Dab Apollo Edition - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones 3pk Last Dab Apollo Edition 690 kr
SAVE ON HOT ONES   This 3pk was featured on Hot Ones Season 19 and the new Classic version with maple syrup was an instant hit! Slightly hotter than its siblings it has a robust, sweet flavour profile that lends itself to a variety of foods from tacos to lasagna. Along with the other two sauces in this discounted 3pk it puts the perfect touch to a selection that gives you lots of flavour versatility along with a variety of heat levels. Every pack contains one each of: The Classic Chili Maple Los Calientes Barbacoa Last Dab Apollo
Hot Ones 3pk Last Dab XXX Edition - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones 3pk Last Dab XXX Edition 640 kr
SAVE ON HOT ONES If you ever wondered what the guests on Hot Ones were raving about, here's your chance to find out! Three of the series most popular sauces in one discounted bundle for your convenience. Challenge your taste buds or why not have some friends over and do your own Hot Ones Challenge?! Each pack contains one each of: The Classic Garlic Fresno Los Calientes Rojo Last Dab XXX
Hot Ones 3pk Last Dab Reaper Edition - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones 3pk Last Dab Reaper Edition 640 kr
SAVE ON HOT ONES Everyone loves having choices but you might find it hard to choose a favourite from this 3pk. Want a mild and clean flavour? Go with The Classic. Having #TacoTuesday? Los Calientes is your wingman. Feel like taking it up a notch? Last Dab Reaper Edition brings fire and a bright, citrusy flavour profile. Save $$ & eat like a guest on Hot Ones!   Each pack contains 1 each of:  The Classic Los Calientes Last Dab Reaper Edition      
Hot Ones The Classic 3pk - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones The Classic 3pk 499 kr
SAVE ON HOT ONES   Stock up on this clean, classic Louisiana style hot sauce which might just be the most versatile sauce ever. Add liberally to everything you eat for a satisfying combination of heat and flavour but don't sleep on using it as an ingredient in everything from homemade Buffalo wing sauce to zesty bolognese. Each pack contains 3 Hot Ones The Classic
Hot Ones The Classic Mixed 3pk - Hot Sauce
Hot Ones The Classic Mixed 3pk 499 kr
SAVE ON HOT ONES   Always #1, The Classic has become a huge fan favourite by putting flavour first. With this 3pk you get 3 equally delicious sauces, each with their own distinct character and a subtle heat the whole family can enjoy. Each pack contains 1 each of Chili Maple, Garlic Fresno & The Classic Makes a great gift!
Los Calientes 3pk - Hot Sauce
Los Calientes 3pk 499 kr
SAVE ON HOT ONES   By far the most popular of the Hot Ones sauces, Los Calientes brings together bold flavour with the perfect level of heat. Drown your eggs, tacos, chicken wings and more, with this money saving 3pk you don't have to worry about running out in a hurry!   Each pack contains 3 Hot Ones Los Calientes Reg. price $68.97      
Puckerbutt On Hot Ones - Gift Set
Puckerbutt On Hot Ones 739 kr
All three of these hot sauces have several things in common: 1. They're all the created by pepperhead extraordinaire Smokin' Ed Curry. 2. They're all really, really hot. 3. They've all been featured on Hot Ones! For your convenience we have not only bundled them up but we're also giving you a $10 savings, figuring you might need some extra cash for milk... Puckerbutt Chipotle Xpress Puckerbutt Unique Garlique Puckerbutt Extra Mean Green
Delicious Dawson’s - Gift Set
Delicious Dawson's 357 kr
Three of Dawson's finest in a bundle that not only brings you hours of flavourful enjoyment but also saves you $$$! This is what you get: Dawson's Original featured on Hot Ones Season 5 Falton Honey Pineapple our 25th anniversary sauce Dawson's Cedar Smoked Garlic featured on Hot Ones Season 17
Hot Ones Hits No 22 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 22 532 kr
This selection features sauces from Hot Ones Season 18. Save some $$ by getting the whole set instead of individual bottles. Taking you through a range of mild, medium and hot it delivers more flavour than heat. Just check these bad boys out:   Adoboloco Island Wings Burns & McCoy Mezcaline Hot N Saucy Collards N Ghost    
Hellfire Third Level Of Hell Gift Set - Gift Set
Hellfire Third Level Of Hell Gift Set 333 kr
SAVE $5! Reg. $44.99 The perfect gift idea for the hot sauce lover, even if that person is you! Buying gifts for yourself is never wrong. This set contains three very distinct sauces, from savoury Scotch Bonnet to fresh & bright Verde to deep and robust chocolate & cherry. Chocolate Cherry Hell Vampira Verde Venom Devil's Blend Scotch Bonnet
Hot Ones Hits No 21 - Gift Set
Hot Ones Hits No 21 490 kr
Fans of the hit YouTube show Hot Ones can't get enough of the amazing sauces featured on each season. This curated bundle gives you three distinct flavours that range from mild to hot. Hot Heads Revolutionary is a Scorpion pepper based sauce with a sweet flavour profile courtesy of fire roasted bell peppers and agave that finishes on a savoury note. Hellfire Devil's Blend Roasted Reaper is a medium heat Reaper sauce that features Granny Smith apples, tomatillos and fire roasted Jalapeno pepper mash. Bright and lively with a nice hit of citrus. Fresco Chile De Arbol is a smooth and mild mango based sauce that pairs well with anything from shrimp tacos to ice cream!
The Habersberger Hat Trick - Hot Sauce
The Habersberger Hat Trick 548 kr
This delectable trio was created by the Try Guys Keith Habersberger and is the ultimate hot sauce trio, together they cover all the culinary bases! A mild/medium heat level makes them enjoyable and thrilling at the same time without setting off any fires. Keith's Taco Sauce Keith's Chicken Sauce Keith's Burger Sauce
Wonder From Down Under - Hot Sauce
Wonder From Down Under 324 kr
Bold Sriracha, smooth tropical flavours and savoury smoke & heat, these New Zealanders know how to pack the heat in without compromising the flavour! Culley's No 3 Culley's No 5 Culley's No 7
The Three Champions - Hot Sauce
The Three Champions 416 kr
Three of our top sellers; savory Nola, bold Black Garlic & Chipotle and citrusy Serrano Lime. This selection gives you three tasty of options for spicing up your favourite meals! Nola Black Garlic & Chipotle Serrano Lime
The Bold & Beautiful - Hot Sauce
The Bold & Beautiful 416 kr
Three unique and distinct flavours for the discerning foodie. Bring flavour to the table in a classy bottle with bold contents. Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Aka Miso Ghost Pepper & Blueberry