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Mikey V's 7-Pot Primo Salsa

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This salsa is made with the 7-Pot Primo, a pepper with a very unique heat signature and flavour. Developed by Troy Primeaux out of Louisiana, this pepper can reach 1,5 million Scoville, making it a pepper to take seriously! Mikey V's has done just that with this killer salsa, keeping other ingredients to a minimum and allowing the heat and flavour of the pepper punch through.

All-natural & gluten-free.

Ingredients: Tomatoes (tomatoes, water, citric acid), onions, 7-Pot Primo peppers, jalapeno peppers, lime juice, fresh garlic, cilantro, pure cane sugar, kosher salt, black pepper, spices, cumin.

Manufactured by Mikey V's Foods

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dylan Tellier (St. Albert, CA)
Good heat, not too sweet, a bit inconsistent

It tastes good and has a decent heat, although it could be hotter. I find the salsa itself is inconsistent, there are chunky portions and watery ones. I shake it up vigorously before pouring any into a small bowl and it still likes to separate. As a consequence, some bites may not be as hot as others. I would still buy this one though over CaJohn's simply because the CaJohn's salsa's have too much sugar and are much too sweet.

Gary Rice (Thompson, CA)
7 Pot Pepper Salsa

The salsa is awesome and I would buy it again. It has a nice amount of heat.