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Tube Of Terror

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From Johnny Scoville and the creators of the Death Nut Challenge comes this new challenge, The Tube of Terror. Although the name might sound like a 60s B horror movie, the contents are no joke! Big, crunchy Virginia peanuts coated in pepper dust and 13 million Scoville capsaicin crystals!

Ingredients: Jumbo XL Virginia peanuts, pure cane sugar, Carolina Reaper peppers, peppers (Ghost, Chocolate Bhutlah, 7 Pot Brain Strain, 7 Pot Douglah, Moruga Scorpion), sea salt, 13 million SHU capsaicin crystals, spice

Manufactured by Blazing Foods 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jerry Rudnicki (Miami, US)

Delicious but deadly

Lucas Martin (Athens, GR)
Tube of Terror

Good Lord these things are intense! A must buy for any hot heads! Borderline dangerous with a low heat tolerance but had a blast with this product.

John Alashqar (Toronto, CA)
Can only eat 1 peanut a day

Tried this with my friends, looked like we were doing a summoning ritual jumping around making weird sounds

Nathanael Gass (Calgary, CA)

Tube Of Terror

Nick (Spruce Grove, CA)
Terror tube

Hot hot hot if you are not a Chili head be careful. I’m new to extreme spicy and I ate half a tube in the middle of the night I was woke up to extreme gut cramps. Just be mindful what goes in must come out