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Inner Beauty Hot Sauce

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Everybody knows that beauty comes from the inside, the same is true for this hot sauce with its rich blend of mustard, honey, papaya and Scotch Bonnet peppers.

Ingredients: Mustard (distilled vinegar, water, #1 grade mustard seed, salt, Chardonnay wine, citric acid, tartaric acid, spices, turmeric), distilled vinegar, Scotch Bonnet peppers, papaya juice, pineapple juice, sugar, orange juice, mango, vegetable oil, honey, molasses. Net weight: 213 ml

Manufactured by Todd's Originals

Customer Reviews

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FRANCOIS (Sherbrooke, CA)
You can't be wrong

This sauce worth it!!! Reveal the taste of the sweetened Caribbean mid spicy sauce straight for the connoisseur

Don Sproule (Saskatoon, CA)
I have found my Inner Beauty

Finally found some Inner Beauty. This is an old sauce that I first found in Chicago in the late 90s,
It has always been hard for me to find and went out of production for quite a while.
Was lucky to find it again at Chile's.
Thanks for allowing me to enjoy one of my very favorites.

Saskatoon, Sask