Ass Kickin' Carolina Reaper Popcorn


Ass Kickin' Carolina Reaper Popcorn


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Carolina Reaper popcorn turns snack time into burn time!

Ingredients: Popcorn, palm oil, salt, fully hydrogenated soybean oil, garlic powder, natural & artificial flavors, Carolina Reaper pepper.

Manufactured by Ass Kickin'

Customer Reviews

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dan Nywening (Toronto, CA)
Legit crazy hot

This is no joke. I just gassed my mother with it. Thought it would be okay to make in a large kitchen but no. As other reviews say, if you are a chile head make this by yourself. It's crazy hot and I love spice. Sorry mom

Dylan Tellier (Edmonton, CA)
Review From Lindsay May is TOTALLY METAL

That was the sickest and dopest review you could give some super hot off the charts popcorn. It was the most metal review, saying you can't see or breath just by cooking it and you fight for your life to stay alive, yet your husband ate the entire bag anyway, like some hellbeast shoveling hot coals into his gullet for the pure pleasure of pain. So brutal. I'm totally buying this popcorn based on that review alone. I hope I go blind and see alternate dimensions after eating this stuff and take a spiritual journey into an alternate universe.

Lindsay May (Ottawa, CA)
My husband almost killed me

Not for the faint of heart. My husband LOVES spicy food - the hotter the better- so I grabbed a bag of this popcorn along with a few other bottles of hot sauce and this incredibly spicy pub mustard (the label was green). He loves the mustard but this specific popcorn has been banned from our house.
My husband was in the kitchen microwaving his popcorn, I was in the livingroom. Within 15s of hearing the microwave ding I went to take a breath and started to choke. It was awful. Anytime I tried to breathe it burnt. My eyes burnt, I couldn’t breathe. I tried going to our back door (which My husband had opened because he was having trouble breathing as well (but he still ate the entire bag of popcorn - so yeah) but the fresh air was not enough. There was still fire lingering in the air. I kept coughing - I couldn’t breathe. I ended up locking myself in the bathroom and turned on the AC hoping it would help pull the death pepper spice out of the air. I still could not breathe. My throat was burning, my eyes were burning. Every breath I drew was horrible. I downed about 3 glasses of water, choking and coughing the entire time. Finally My breath began to return to me. It still hurt to inhale but I could take a breath without choking. Which was a relief as I had been coughing my lungs out for nearly 10 minutes (and was on the verge of vomiting at least twice). My husband came to check on me. “That was crazy. I was having trouble breathing.”
“New house rule, no attempted murder until after noon.” I wheezed.
“Maybe let’s never buy that again.”
So if you have pets, elderly relatives, small children or people with asthma and/or a breathing related illness - I advise that you wait until you are safely alone to consume this bag of hell.
As for me, I’ll eat my popcorn plain.
I know I will still order my husband his favourite sauces again next year for his birthday, but I will never, ever, ever order this popcorn again.
If you enjoy this sort of self inflicted torture, I envy your fortitude.
For anyone else - you have been warned.

Kirstan Cowan (Ottawa, CA)
ass kicking carolina reaper popcorn

it was very good

harold brewster (Brockville, CA)
Your popcorn is grear

Love your popcorn