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CaJohns Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce

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A solid shot of extract makes this one of our hottest hot sauces.

Ingredients: Water, Red Habanero pepper mash (Red Habanero peppers, salt), distilled vinegar, tropical fruit salad (pineapple, red and yellow papaya, guava, water, sugar, passion juice and citric acid), tomato paste, mustard (distilled vinegar, #1 mustard seed, salt, turmeric and spices), 4 million Scoville oleoresin capsicum. Net weight: 148 ml

Manufactured by CaJohns 

Customer Reviews

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Matt Finkelstein (Toronto, CA)
One star per million SHU

I was expecting a little more burn from this one. It has a nice flavour, which was a terrific surprise since I’ve been let down by extract sauces many times before. It’s slow to build, but it never really hit me as hard as I was hoping. Still a good purchase. I’m happy with it.

Shawn Vorda (Gatineau, CA)

CaJohns Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce

Adele Smith (Edmonton, CA)

CaJohns Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce

Dominicus Hrodbergan (Ham-Nord, CA)
great taste but not so hot

we bought it thinking that it would be really hotter than the calaveras but not really but it still taste great .

Liana (Toronto, CA)

I am so sick of throwing away money on sauces that claim to be hot. This one is hot. Still manageable, but definitely makes an impression.