CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce


CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce


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Every hot sauce enthusiast has their own favourite pepper variety and the Trinidad Scorpion is one of the more popular super hots. A peppery, citrusy heat that stings hard but subsides fairly quickly.

Ingredients: Trinidad scorpion chiles, vinegar, onion, tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic, salt, spices.

Manufactured by CaJohns Fiery Foods

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Customer Reviews

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D.T. (St. Albert, CA)

It's a somewhat vinegar-forward hot sauce. Smear a teaspoon of it on a hot slice of pizza, or put a few spoons in your chili, and you'll be sweating in no time. This one does subside quickly which is why it's probably lower on the heat scale, but it does give you a good mouth and lip burn, but it won't wreck your guts. It has a good texture; not too runny and not so thick you have to smack the bottle to get it out. It doesn't leave chunks in the neck of the bottle that you have to stir back in. All in all, a delicious sauce for your arsenal.

Peter Tumilty (Iqaluit, CA)
CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Great taste and good heat

Rui Sousa (Georgetown, CA)

CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Mike Cook (Kitchener, CA)

CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

John Rogers (Montreal, CA)
Pretty well my threshold.

Not being a Scoville chasing Chili-head but loving the endorphine rush when the pain is over, this sauce is the threshold of flavour and heat
Got a bottle of Vicious Viper (check that out) for Fathers Day a while back and I was drooling like bassett hound for an hour after a dime size in a triscuit. I researched and learned all about EXTRACTS. Which I now avoid.Chemical heat is gross.
Anyway this is a good sauce if you want a good natural burn.