CaJohns Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce
CaJohns Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce $11.00
Also known as the Devil's Tongue, the Fatalii pepper in this hot sauce has a very fragrant, floral aspect with hints of mustard. The heat is slow to build and has a good, peppery linger. Ingredients: Fatalii pepper mash (Fatalii peppers and vinegar), granulated garlic, black pepper, onion powder, citric acid, vegetable mix (carrots, celery, red bell pepper, and onion), Habanero powder, Red Hatch chile powder, Cayenne pepper. 148 ml Manufactured by CaJohns 
CaJohns Select Fatalii Puree - Spice/Peppers
CaJohns Select Fatalii Puree $10.00
With a Scoville rating of up to 300 000 the Fatalii pepper is quite hot, making this hot sauce (which contains 80% pepper solids) not one for beginners! It does display the heavy floral flavour of the Fatalii to it's best advantage. Ingredients: Fatalii Pepper mash ( Fatalii Peppers and vinegar), distilled vinegar. 148 ml Manufactured by CaJohns