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Dat’l Do-it Datil Pepper Hot Sauce - Hot Sauce
Dat'l Do-it Datil Pepper Hot Sauce $8.00
Grown primarily in Florida, the Datil pepper is a medium heat pepper with a tangy, fruity taste that adds to the sweetness of this hot sauce. Ingredients: Tomato Paste, Water, Fructose, Datil Peppers, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Honey, Salt, Spices, and Garlic.   Manufactured by Dat'l Do-It
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Firehouse Subs Datil Pepper Sauce - Hot Sauce
Firehouse Subs Datil Pepper Sauce $16.00
The signature hot sauce at Firehouse Subs restaurants, this sauce uses the Datil pepper. Grown mostly in Florida it is similar in heat and flavor to a Habanero but sweeter and a bit more fruity. The shape of the bottle makes it a great collectible! Ingredients: Ketchup (tomato concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, less than 2% onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavours), water, sugar, green bell peppers, red wine vinegar, onions, datil peppers, garlic, Worcestershire sauce (water, distilled vinegar, Worcestershire concentrate (molasses, vinegar, water, spices, natural flavour, garlic powder, caramel colour, salt, anchovies, tamarind, sulphating agent), sugar, salt), sodium benzoate.  Manufactured by Endorphin Farms Inc