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Zombie Repellent Hot Sauce

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Zombie Repellent Hot Sauce. Directions for use: Hold 1 to 4 inches above food and pour, consume food for hours of zombie protection. The burning means it is working.

Ingredients: Habaneros (Fresh Habanero Peppers, Salt), Water, Orange Juice Concentrate, Distilled Vinegar, Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Ascorbic Acid.

Manufacturer: Original Juan Specialty Foods

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic habanero sauce

Zombie Repellent is the best tasting habanero sauce I've had to date. Although the heat surprised me a little, the full flavour and texture of the habanero blew me away. I grow my own habaneros and this sauce provides the same taste and heat level as my home grown peppers. The name on the label provides an extra humorous bonus.

Houou! that's hot baby!

From one to ten on the "fire index" I'd say a solid 9. It's really hot and OMG the taste. one of the tastiest sauce I've the chance to taste. Really one of a kind hot sauce that goes very well with pizzas and beef. You need to like it hot thought.

Tastiest Hot Sauce

One of THE tastiest hot sauces ever!!! Try it if you like hot. Very nice flavour and oh so hot.



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Delicious with the perfect kick

Probably the best tasting hot sauce I've ever had. It is really delicious, with a slow building kick that is perfect for me. My only gripe is that it is pretty thin and goes quick. I finished the bottle inside of a week, mind you I really enjoyed it and may have been a little too generous each time I took it out. I wish I could buy it in a much, much larger bottle.

Blazing hottt!!!

The heat just keeps building

Smoked onion sauce with a bit of kick

I would definitely characterize this sauce as an onion sauce first with some after thoughts of smoke and spice. Picture a soft fried onion, definitely not caramelized, just a bit soft with plenty of remaining onion flavor mixed with some smoked jalapeno peppers. It is almost like a jar of oniony jalepno poppers without the cheese of course.

It is an assertive sauce that I feel goes best with a savory dish without a lot of competing strong flavours, goes well on a steak sandwich, not so well on a samosa.

Truff red