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Zombie Repellent Hot Sauce

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Zombie Repellent Hot Sauce. Directions for use: Hold 1 to 4 inches above food and pour, consume food for hours of zombie protection. The burning means it is working.

Ingredients: Habaneros (Fresh Habanero Peppers, Salt), Water, Orange Juice Concentrate, Distilled Vinegar, Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Ascorbic Acid.

Manufacturer: Original Juan Specialty Foods

Customer Reviews

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Very tasty

Excellent taste, but not extremely hot. Too hot for the individual who says they like spicy, but not hot enough for the chili heads like me. I will kill this bottle in 3 days, but it is extremely tasty and I will most likely buy some more just for that reason. You cant go wrong with this sauce and its flavor will not over power the food you are eating, so absolutely recommend for any food and fighting zombies too. Cheers!

Fantastic habanero sauce

Zombie Repellent is the best tasting habanero sauce I've had to date. Although the heat surprised me a little, the full flavour and texture of the habanero blew me away. I grow my own habaneros and this sauce provides the same taste and heat level as my home grown peppers. The name on the label provides an extra humorous bonus.

Houou! that's hot baby!

From one to ten on the "fire index" I'd say a solid 9. It's really hot and OMG the taste. one of the tastiest sauce I've the chance to taste. Really one of a kind hot sauce that goes very well with pizzas and beef. You need to like it hot thought.

Tastiest Hot Sauce

One of THE tastiest hot sauces ever!!! Try it if you like hot. Very nice flavour and oh so hot.



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Very tasty hot sauce

Love the flavour and love the spice level. My fiance is not a fan of hot sauces, there's only three that she likes the combo of flavour and spice level and this is one of them. Will always have a bottle of this available at my house.

Sweet and spicy

Lovely and versatile sauce.

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Family fav

The first time I found this I bought it when on vacation for my brother in law and brother and it became a family favorite! Love that I can have it shipped straight to my door so quickly!