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Tabanero Agave Sweet and Spicy Hot Sauce

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Agave Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Select Habanero Peppers, Agave, Carrots, Onions, Key Lime Juice, Garlic, Salt and Chipotle.

100% All Natural

Gluten Free

Brand: Tabanero Hot Sauce

Distributed by CDS Hot Sauce Products LLC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Tasty with the right amount of heat.

Great flavour, could use a

Great flavour, could use a bit more heat.

I like a hot sauce

I like a hot sauce that can bring more to the table then just the need for a glass of milk near by , the agave sweet and spicy brings so much flavour with a little bit of heat . Really enjoy it

Tabanero Agave sweet and spicy

I tried this sauce in Hollywood, Fla and it was amazing. I put it on a Nacho salad. My friends tried it on sanwiches and other foods and we were all blown away. Over the next few days we frequented local markets and stores trying to find it with no success. This well kept secret needs to be more available in local stores for more convience with purchasing. Tabanero Agave Sweet and Spicy rocks. Kimberly Rosario from Philadelphia, PA

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2508 reviews
Extra wing sauce

Just enough heat, really good Buffalo taste, one of my favorite wingsauce. Give it a try!

Great seasoning

I use this seasoning quite a bit , great stuff.

Not what I expected, but really good!

If I had wrote this review the day I bought this sauce, I probably would have given it a 4-star. But in the last two weeks since I bought this sauce, I’ve learned to really love it. Definitely not what I expected originally. But super happy I got it.

Hotter than expected, good for almost anything you’d expect to use hot-sauce on.

Great sauce! Nice flavour

Bought this sauce with a few others. This sauce is not too hot, the flavours really stand out. The pineapple blends great with the peppers and lime juice. Great taste, not just some heat..

Sauce of summer!

This sauce is amazing! It tastes incredible, smells delicious, and so far has gone great on everything. This sauce screams hot summer day. 10/10 will buy again