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Race City Sauce Works Deadwood Taco Sauce

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This deliciously smoky hot sauce is ideal whenever you want a deep, robust flavor with earthy notes of Mexican chocolate and coffee and moderate heat. 

Ingredients: Jalapeno puree, smoked habanero puree, cider vinegar, water, roasted garlic, smoked 7-pot pepper, chipotle, Mexican chocolate, coffee, smoked cinnamon, spices, lime zest, herbs, smoked hawaiian sea salt, olive oil.

Manufactured by: Race City Sauce Works 

Customer Reviews

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One of the best

This is an amazing sauce with lots of smokiness. Goes great with chicken, tacos, and cheesy pasta. Medium heat and not intense but it is so good.

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Heat Chart
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Hot ones

The last dab it pretty hot but not hottest sauce I’ve had but it tastes really good

hot but still has flavor

It's I would say 4/5 in terms of heat, but it has a good flavor, unlike a lot of sauces at this heat level


It is what it is

One of the best Brands out there

I love the Marie Sharp brand. I was introduced to this brand many years ago. Although it's no longer too spicy for me, I love the flavour. I always try to have at least one bottle at home and at the office. The citrus flavour fits a lot of dishes. We even found out it's great with Christmas Turkey during a company lunch. So many people tried it, 2/3 of the bottle was gone before I could steal it back. If you haven't tried it, you should. Take in small quantities if you're not sure about the spiciness. If you like a lot of spice (Ghost pepper +++) then you won't find this hot, but you should be able to appreciate the flavour!

This sauce has great flavour and some serious heat.