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Pestilence Hot Syrup



...the rider and the white horse were well known to the reaper, the day had come for Pestilence...

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Over two years in development, I am now pleased to announce that 'Pestilence' is ready! Crystal clear coconut rum hot syrup to spice your cocktails, coffee or drizzle on ice cream. You can of course pop this is a chicken wrap in place of sweet chilli sauce, but honestly, this comes alive in drinks, in particular pineapple juice and rum based pina colada. Try it in a gin and tonic or mojito too. Very clean burn, as the extract has very little pepper taste at all...

Handmade in Hertfordshire, England.

Ingredients: Sugar, Distilled Vinegar (from Barley), White Rum with Coconut (10%), Chilli Extract (1/2 Million SHU). ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains Barley Gluten.

Manufactured by Grim Reaper Foods

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