Paqui One Chip Challenge 2022 Edition


Paqui One Chip Challenge 2022 Edition


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Are you feeling blue? Need a little pick-me-up? Then this challenge is for you! The flames from Hell spark from this brutal chip that turns your tongue blue!


Ingredients: Blue corn, sunflower and/or safflower oil, Carolina Reaper pepper, Scorpion pepper, sea salt, brilliant blue FCF. 


Manufactured by Paqui

Customer Reviews

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Brandon (Penticton, CA)
Grade A !!!

Great hot sauce got the doomed 6.66 Million SHU unit and it takes one drop in a cup worth of tomato soup to make it pretty spicy and really good flavor to it along with the other hot sauce I got haven't done the challenges I got yet except for trying out about a quarter of the one chunk chunk and that was pretty spicy thx guys it's all great stuff plan on you guys being one of my main hot sauce go too's....

Nicolas Patenaude (Montreal, CA)
Fun challenge

Did it with 5 friends. Would not recommend if you are not use to eating spicy food. But it was a fun challenge. Eating the chip is not the bad part if you like eating really spicy (it’s not that spicy), but watch out for digestion afterward! Eat lots of honey/maple syrop. Your tongue really turn blue, that’s nice


It’s hot asf😂

William Blanchard (Chesterville, CA)
That is too hot

I went to the hospital

D.T. (St. Albert, CA)
Interesting Experience

This one is different. Like some have mentioned, it isn't crazy hot but... it also is! Here is my experience.

The chip is large, it's about 6 grams. When seeing it it looks black with hints of green. It is the most coated chip I've seen in my life. The sheer amount of pepper coating is insane. I broke the chip up into pieces so I can fit it all in my mouth at once. I chewed for a good while before swallowing. My tongue was definitely blue after! The mouth and lip burn was what I consider to be very mild. It didn't taste very good either, but it's a challenge chip and not meant to be delicious. I thought I was doing well.... but then I got INSTANT GUT BOMB after several minutes. The sheer amount of pain in my stomach was extremely intense, like razor blades scouring the sides of my stomach. I didn't even need to force myself to purge, it just happened. Right afterwards I felt a lot better and was able to quickly recover. Had I not purged, I feel that I would have been in a world of hurt for several hours.