Mad Dog 357 Gold Label Hot Sauce


Mad Dog 357 Gold Label Hot Sauce


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This classic hot sauce comes with a tiny spoon hidden inside the key chain bullet, a little gift to take your mind away from the pain of 1 million SHU assaulting your mouth. A beautiful Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost pepper sauce base is primed with Mad Dog Plutonium 9 million SHU extract, just to add insult to injury.

Ingredients: Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost peppers, red wine vinegar, white distilled vinegar, fresh chopped onion & garlic, water, natural sugar, fresh lime juice, chile extract, xanthan gum

Manufactured by Ashley Food Co.

Customer Reviews

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Kaylee (Middle Musquodoboit, CA)

I purchased a line up of 10 sauces from “HotOnes” and purchased this sauce for the last one on the board. My boyfriend and his friend did the challenge together and it was a great night of entertainment, so much fun!

The Mad Dog 357 Gold was so hot, but actually still tasted good! And the little bullet keychain it comes with is awesome!

I HIGHLY recommend this sauce and any of the other ones! I’ve alrwasy told everyone I know about Chilly Chiles!


Love this one heat is there and great flavor

Dylan Tellier (St. Albert, CA)
Great sauce, even for containing extract.

Decent flavor, good heat. The extract isn't so much that it makes you feel unbearable pain. It gives you a nice little stomach buzz. This sauce is digestible in small doses. I put half a teaspoon with some scrambled eggs and it was amazing. The only thing I would say is better than this sauce is straight up pure reaper pepper puree/mash.

The little cocaine spoon in the bullet keychain is just an added bonus.

muhammad abdusalem (Brampton, CA)
Strong and good simultaneously

A little goes a long way, and is more enjoyable in that sense

Clint Beacock (Newmarket, CA)
Super hot, and decent tasting

This is genuinely HOT. I have a fair tolerance for heat, and this is up there with any other sauce I’ve ordered. It is OK tasting as well, but not in my favorites list. Since it has extracts in it to ramp up the heat, it has a bit of that ‘chemical’ kind of taste you’d expect.

Now, since it’s so hot, it’s not a big deal, since you don’t need a lot of it on your food to get some great heat without being overpowered by the taste of the extracts.

Definitely one that I’ll continue to use on my food till it’s emptied, but not one I’d order again since I prefer sauces without extracts, and I only really ordered it to see if the heat level lived up to the hype (which it does)