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Kultivar Batch #11 - Moruga Scorpion & Citrus Hot Sauce

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Bright and sharp citrus perfectly complimented by the vicious sting of Scorpion peppers, this is a snappy hot sauce that pairs well with chicken & cheese.

Ingredients: Scorpion pepper, citrus, garlic, tomatoes, water, vinegar, turmeric, ginger, onion, xanthan gum, spices

Manufactured by Kultivar & Co

Customer Reviews

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Kristie A (Hamilton, CA)
Tasty but not Hot

I was expecting some heat from scorpion peppers and an 8/11 on the website’s scale but this sauce is NOT super hot. It has a pleasant heat level similar to sriracha. The heat doesn’t linger long at all. The flavour is really good and goes well with wide variety of foods. For the price and the rating, I expected more heat!

Joe Gallant (Toronto, CA)
Ok taste, not hot, quite bland

Sauce has a somewhat bitter citrusy taste and really needs more scorpion. Agree with the other comments here, the spice rating is way off. Should be 3/10.

Jason Beatty (Bowmanville, CA)
Great taste, Not as hot as advertised

I bought this on a whim to support a Canadian made sauce with no recommendation, and was pleasantly surprised. Taste wise I thought it was fantastic and would use it on anything. Heat wise, I agree with the other reviewers and think it's more of a 2/3 out of 10 and not 8 out of 10 like the bottle says. I have no problem with that though because it tastes so good. I will try more of this brand and am happy with my purchase.

Brian (Saskatoon, CA)
mediocre for a scorpion sauce

okay flavor, can taste the ginger and this would be good on a chicken and rice dish, but as far as scorpion pepper heat goes, little disappointed, should be in the 2-3 heat category. mis-placed on the website. Even for a non Chili head you wont get much heat from this.

William Houston (Mississauga, CA)
Taste is good, but no heat

Great flavor but I'd rate the heat more like a 2/10