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Karma Extreme Karma Hot Sauce


Butternut squash lends this hand crafted hot sauce an unusual flavor profile. Paired with some of the worlds hottest red peppers like Bhut Jolokia and Moruga Scorpion it's also very hot! Featured on the wildly popular YouTube show Hot Ones, this sauce is also all natural and gluten free.

Ingredients: red peppers, butternut squash, apple squash, vinegar, onion, sweet potato, honey, garlic, salt, ginger.

Manufactured by Karmasauce

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Karma Extreme Karma

This is a great hot sauce in the medium-hot spice level. It has a fair amount of heat but it dissipates quickly. I highly recommend this sauce for any collection.


Karma Extreme Karma Hot Sauce

Subtle sweet, good balance

Not too vinegary, you can really taste the peppers, with a unique hint of sweetness. Nice, versatile sauce.

Great Karma

This is one of the trickiest hot sauces I've had the pleasure of trying l. Much hotter than I was expecting and far more delayed then I was prepared for. It's also quite tasty to boot. If you're a fan of tasty, really hot hot sauce, then this is for you.

Good Karma!

Unique taste with delayed heat.
A great sauce. It's hot, around 8.5/10 (with 10 being The Last Dab)

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Try this, you'll like it

This is a reasonable-quality chocolate with a formidable amount of spice. I find the spice level just right but my wife couldn't eat it as she found it intolerably spicy. It's a chocolate bar so it's sweet but it also packs a ghost-pepper spice kick. I suggest that it's most definitely worthy of a spot on any chile-head's menu.

Best hot sauces

This is my second time ordering a large amount of sauces from this company. It’s personable, has quick delivery and best of all, they have all been absolutely delicious.

Mad dog 357

Every good sauce. Awesome heat and great flavour. It almost has a cinnamon taste to it

Hot but with a punch of flavour

I highly recommend both the heartbeat hot sauces (habenaro and jalapeno) - great on just about anything you like to make hot. I also recommend Chilly Chiles.

Tasty and addictive flavour... Not so hot though

The Heat: you would expect a Carolina Reaper product to be super hot. Sadly, the peanuts fall very short of being classified super hot. If you were to have a blind taste test, I would bet that most people would think that they were made with Jalapenos, arguably a Thai/Birdseye chili. What I like about the heat is that it's the subtle kind that doesn't punch you in the throat. It's enjoyable, and that ties in really well with the taste.

The Taste: I've had peanuts coated in sugar and honey before. Usually I'd classify them as good, but the flavour of these peanuts just harmonizes so well with the subtle and enjoyable heat. This is really the only reason that I gave these peanuts a 3/5.

Overall: A tasty product, but if they're going to advertise the use of Carolina Reapers, then they need to amp up the spice. It's likely why the Carolina Reaper is the 2nd last ingredient.