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Jak Jeckel Gourmet Pepper Hot Sauce

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Has a very thick smokey, peppery upfront flavour with great depth and complexity. The flavours of this hot sauce are balanced with a mix of salty, sweet, and citrus background notes. The wonderfully deep flavour and hearty consistency of the sauce is made possible from having a "non-vinegar" based formula. With no vinegar being used, the main base of the sauce comes from the habanero, jalapeño, chipotle, and red bell pepper puree. This pepper base allows for a thick full flavoured hearty sauce with no bitterness and a gourmet roasted pepper and herb scent.

Ingredients: Roasted Red Peppers, Jalapeños, Water, Habanero Peppers, Lime Juice, Paprika, Salt, Chipotle Peppers, Sugar, Orange Peel, Garlic, Citric Acid, Jak Jeckel Seasoning Blend.

Manufactured by Jak Jeckel LLC

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2328 reviews
It's hot!

Opening the bottle, the smell hits you instantly! There was some flavour but nothing I would call "incredible taste". On the heat side of things, this one didn't hit me at first. It's a creeper. After a few bites, it got rather hot!

Would definitely recommend!

Look, you know what you're getting into with these. Tried these by themselves and in a homemade spaghetti sauce. They were great either way! Good flavour, nice heat build up. Pretty hot in the end but nothing that wasn't manageable.


Amazing products from what I've tried so far. Delivery was very fast and communication was terrific. I'll be back again and again

Daves hurtin

Love this sause. Eat it on a wide assortment of food
From eggs to salads.

Chilly Chile's

Great burn just need a drop to set your mouth on fire!