Hot Buns at the Beach Hot Sauce

Hot Buns at the Beach Hot Sauce

Hot Buns at the Beach Hot Sauce. This blazing beachcomber from Dewey Beach, Delaware is made of a blend of two types of Habanero Peppers and Cayenne Peppers. Hot Buns At The Beach -- This sauce will burn your buns, keep the burn intact, and still taste great. Certified Kosher by USDA. Highlighted in articles in the Washington Post and in Frommers Best Beach Vacations.

Ingredients: All Natural Ingredients - two Habanero varieties, Cayenne Pepper Mash, Ginger, Garlic, Barbados Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sweet Potatoes, Key Lime Juice, and a Secret Blend of Natural Herbs, Flavors and Spices. 

Manufactured by Peppers 

Awards: 2000 Third Place - Austin, Texas Fiery Foods Show - Habanero Hot Sauce, 

              1999 First Place - Food Distribution Magazine -Habanero Hot Sauce, 

              1999 First Place - National Capital Barbecue Battle - Habanero Hot Sauce.

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